How About a “Free” Amazon Gift Card?


The following is a revision of a post I first posted about in August 2014, and I usually repost / update it each year before Christmas. I decided to do it now as there still seems to be a shortage of coins as well as inflation seems to be here to stay and everyone could […]

Book Reviews – Why I Write Them


As A Blog Publisher, Why Do You Write Book Reviews? That’s actually a nicer way of summarizing some of the emails I’ve received over the last few years! Yes, I do write reviews for the books I read, and starting in 2011 I started to make a point to write a review for most things […]

Donate Your Used Kindle


Seeing as how there were lots of people who upgraded to a new version of the Kindle or Fire tablet platform since Prime Day, I thought it would be a great idea to pass on this idea again…. Many times, I am asked by people what to do with an older Kindle or Fire tablet […]

Informal Poll: What Are YOU Reading on Your Kindle?

For several years, I started or participated in a monthly poll on the USA Amazon Kindle discussion boards asking people a simple question: what are you reading on your Kindle? Unfortunately, the discussion boards on Amazon have gone away and I have periodically hosted something similar on our website. Since the pandemic stay-at-home orders started […]