New Releases on Kindle

Included in this post are relatively new Kindle book releases by independent authors in a variety of genres: I’m certain you will find something to enjoy in the offerings below. Also, similar to what I tell you in the daily posts, while the pricing is valid at the time of this posting, please make sure you check the pricing carefully before you press the “buy” button as it could change at any time!

The Generational Warrior

Author: Greg Baker

Genre: Religion

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Book Description:

First-Generation Christians are Generational Warriors!

Welcome, O Warrior, to the battlefield. Now, what nut-job welcomes someone to a fight? Me, I guess. Because the battlefield is where you quickly find yourself once you have trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior. You’ve enlisted in the army of Light, and so, yes, welcome to the fight.

This book is meant to be used as a combat field manual, preparing First-Generation Christians (FGCs) for the specific battles they face. Make no mistake, you are in the deadliest fight of your spiritual life as an FGC. Satan seeks to sift you like wheat, exploit your weaknesses, destroy your future, and rob your children of a godly heritage. He is a cunning, conniving, and cancerous adversary, and if you aren’t ready for the battles, you will find yourself as nothing more than a juicy bug ramming full speed against the windshield of his armored tank. Splat! Not an ego-building image, is it?

Satan knows that FGCs are often the most potent warriors in the battle between light and dark. They are often the most determined, the most dedicated, the most teachable, and the most ingenious warriors. The Devil knows this, and he knows if an FGC is victorious, then it often births entirely new generations of Christian warriors, swelling the ranks of righteousness. Indeed, Satan trembles in his boots at the potential of each FGC, so he will go after you hard, a blitzkrieg of spiritual attacks in an effort to destroy you before you can truly get going.

For the enemy is not merely fighting you. He is fighting the generations of Christians who will come through you. This is where this book comes in, to help you be victorious in these battles.

Some of the Battles Discussed

  • The Battle for Your Mind – Perhaps the Most Insidious Battle You Will Fight
  • Navigating the Minefield of Sin – How the Enemy Uses Sin to Dominate Your Life
  • The Battle for a Godly Heritage – Something to Leave for Your Children
  • Battling Generational Curses and Besetting Sins – That Follow You into Your Christian Life and Wreak Havoc
  • Breaking old Allegiances, Loyalties, and Covenants – That If Left in Place Will Have Dominion over Your Life
  • The Battle with Unbelieving Family and Old Friends – Who Can’t Understand the Changes in Your Life
  • Dealing with Rules, Regulations, and Standards – And Their Place in Your Life
  • The Battle with Older, Mature Christians – Who Often Still See You as the Enemy
  • The Battle for Spiritual Growth – Trying to Develop a Real Walk with God
  • The Battle for Your Children’s Hearts – The Enemy Will Seek to Steal Your Children
  • The Battle for Your Marriage – The Number One Relationship Satan Wants to Destroy
  • Finding Comrades in Arms – Who Can Sustain You Through the Perilous Times
  • The Battle to Forgive Yourself – For the Past and Present Wrongs You’ve Committed
  • Surviving the Siege – When Everything Goes Wrong all at Once
  • Friendly Fire – When You Are Hurt by Your Own Side
  • The Conflict of Esprit de Corps – The Confusion of So Many Religions and Groups
  • The PTSD of Discouragement – Which Can Lead to Depression and Failed Relationships

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Vibrations in the Field

Author: Daniel Burke

Genre: Thriller

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $6.99
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Book Description:

Good men take the Hippocratic oath, and evil ones break it. Sweet Jane learned that firsthand.

Young, beautiful, and brilliant, Jane Carter was on the verge of achieving her PhD in quantum physics when they first appeared, visitors from other universes that no one else could see. Desperate to hold on to her dreams, she turned to a psychiatrist whose controversial treatment promised to rid her of the hallucinations and restore her sanity. All she had to do was trust in his oath and submit to his deep hypnosis, but Dr. Barry Lieberman was not someone to trust.

The trauma of their sessions caused a split in her personality, and when he could not undo what he’d done, he had her committed to a mental hospital-forever, he thought. But Jane got better, and she met Joe, a combat veteran recovering from PTSD and on a shaky road to priesthood, who feels compelled to help her.

Now, she is on a quest for justice, and her former doctor will use his darkest psychology and cruelty to stop her.

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All Androids Lie

Author: H. Peter Alesso

Genre: Science Fiction

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $4.99
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Book Description:

With powerful and haunting prose, these stories explore the resilience of the human spirit.

These science fiction stories will take you on a journey through shattered lives and distorted realities. Dynamic characters are set in dramatic civilizations populated by androids, creatures, and space empires. Each story explores the painful aftermath of loss, trauma, and tragedy.


All Androids Lie– In this gripping legal thriller, two highly skilled lawyers engage in a battle of wits over the accused, Roscoe Travis. William Bennett and Deloris Gayley are both known for their cunning and intellect, but as the trial progresses, William begins to sense that there is something missing from the proceedings. As the lawyers present their complex arguments and analyze data, it becomes clear that all may not be what it seems. As the human jury deliberates, William and Deloris eagerly await the verdict that will determine the future of their profession and their place in society. This thought-provoking story explores themes of trust, justice, and the nature of humanity in a world where humans must coexist with machines.

Streak Across the Sky – Excerpt from Captain Henry Gallant

Game – In “The Game”, a mother and daughter embark on a thrilling adventure through a city in chaos. Maria is excited to play the popular game of tag everyone is talking about. Still, as explosions and gunfire erupted around them, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary game. With the promise of spectacular prizes, Maria is determined to win, but her mother knows the stakes are much higher than a new toy. As they navigate through danger and uncertainty, the bond between mother and daughter is put to the ultimate test. Will they make it to the finish line and claim the prize, or will their journey end in tragedy? This heart-pounding tale explores the lengths a mother will go to protect her child and the power of a child’s innocence in the face of chaos.

Siren – “I saw her first” begins a gripping love story that follows the tumultuous relationship between Alana and Alexander, two star-crossed lovers whose paths cross again after months of separation. As a military man, Alex knows the dangers of leaving behind the one he loves, and when he finally returns, he finds Alana engaged to another man. But despite the odds, he refuses to give up on their love, and as they navigate their way through a war-torn world, Alex must fight not only for his country but also for the woman he loves.

Time off – Excerpt from Dark Genius

Five Potatoes – In “Five Potatoes,” a young woman is trapped in her village during a devastating war that has left her isolated, hungry, and alone.

The Great Filter – is a thrilling science fiction novel that explores the possibility of intelligent life beyond Earth and the potential dangers that come with it.

Whispers – is a gripping tale of a young woman’s journey through the trials and tribulations of the university and political activism.

Only the Brave – Excerpt from Captain Hawkins

Round Trip – The last thing he remembered was closing the circuit for the time machine.

It’s Painless – Everyone lies.

Death’s Dream Kingdom – Excerpt from Youngblood

Ellen – is a tale of lost love and second chances.

Splatter – a young woman witnesses a deadly explosion that shakes her to the core.

Threadbare – Excerpt from Midshipman Henry Gallant at the Academy.

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Downeast Enigma

Author: Charles J. Thayer

Genre: Mystery

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $4.99
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Book Description:

A hacker gains access to the bank’s computer systems a few hours after the fatal crash of the CEO’s plane into the Gulf of Maine. How did the hacker gain access to the CEO’s passwords? Will the bank receive a ransom demand or does the intruder need to camouflage illegal activity?

Steve and Amanda encounter corporate intrigue, unbridled ambition, and infidelity in their quest to solve the puzzle of the mysterious computer intrusions. How is the bank’s CEO linked to a sexy real estate agent, a shrewd lawyer, and wealthy investors disguising ownership of waterfront property in coastal Maine?

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Not a Living Soul

Authors: Anabell Caudillo & Anne K. Whelan

Genre: Paranormal

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $3.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

All Anastacia wanted was to control what she saw. But no one controls death.

Anastacia Geist escaped to New Orleans in hopes to control her ability to see spirits and other entities. Her gift, turned curse, gained the attention of more than her fair share of supernatural visitors. Lost in the dark and cold, she failed to see a future.

Mel Coster moved to the city of his dreams, filled with history and nightlife. His days of being his father’s business lackey were in the past, and his dream of opening a bar with his friend lay ahead. Until his future was stolen.

A chance meeting in City Park turns strangers into partners. Mel agrees to help keep spirits at bay while Anastacia learns to control her gift if she agrees to help him catch a killer. Through clues, detective work, and dark entities, they find something even death can’t overcome.

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Of Wings and Shadows

Author: Kyoko M.

Genre: Fantasy

Free via Kindle Unlimited: No

Regular Price: $1.99
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Book Description:

In a modern-day world teeming with marauding dragons, there is only one solution: The Wild Hunt.

The United States government has decided to hold a tournament called The Wild Hunt to determine who will be responsible for the capture of wild dragons by the Knight Division. The four challengers Noah Wilson, Charlie Howard, Su Jin Han, and Beowulf have to catch five deadly dragons alive if they want to win the tournament and become the new Knight Division dragon hunters. Their journey will take them through the mountains of South Carolina, the seas of Key West, the caverns of Ruby Falls, the Redwood forest, and finally, the murky bayous of Louisiana. Will they succeed against their competition, or will the dragons of the Wild Hunt be too wild to tame?

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