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Greedy as a Ghoul

Author: Casey Sutton

Genre: Fantasy

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $2.99
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Book Description:

Malfus is a rogue necromancer with nothing to his name except his spellbook.

Forced to leave his old life behind, he finds himself starving and alone in a strange land.

His luck turns a corner when he stumbles across a body-strewn battlefield—but buzzards and crows aren’t the only creatures interested in his find.

As night falls and the mists grow, will his necromancy be enough to face what waits for him in the dark?

This is a prequel short story, introducing the grimdark fantasy novel Malfus: Necromancer Unchained. You can enjoy this story by itself; it is not necessary reading for the novel. The book also includes a world-map as well as two full-color illustrations of scenes from the upcoming novel, drawn by artist Dejan Delic.

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About the Author:

My name is Casey Sutton. I am a huge nerd and have been carrying books around with me since I was old enough to walk and carry things. I grew up immersed in fantasy worlds in books, video games, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. I was usually stuck being the Dungeon Master and creating imaginary worlds and characters for my friends.

I used to be in the army and spent my time overseas reading fantasy books and dreaming about being a writer one day, but didn’t get the push to follow my dreams until a near-death experience in South Africa in 2018. I quit waiting around to write and started my book that night—in the hospital bed.

A bit more about me, I love cats and have four. I am also a self-taught mycologist and forage for wild mushrooms, and have grown my own! I still love video games and Dungeons and Dragons too!

You can visit Casey’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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