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Reservoir Man

Author: Arno Zimmer

Genre: Thriller

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Book Description:

It was 1939, two years before Pearl Harbor catapulted America into WWII, when a young soldier vanished at an Upstate New York reservoir.

Forty-six years later, private eye Woody Meacham, as the request of his ailing stepfather, investigates the disappearance of distant cousin Tommy Dwyer, only to be thwarted by a powerful, megalomaniacal industrialist who sees himself as a political kingmaker in the tradition of JFK’s father.

Meacham’s life is threatened as he uncovers evidence of Dwyer’s secret activities leading up to the war. Was Dwyer a clandestine agent or a traitor in league with German saboteurs intent on blowing up U.S. munitions factories and supply ships headed to Europe?

A mysterious, auburn-haired beauty complicates Meacham’s love life and his inquiry. As he digs into old census records, he discovers her own, long-buried family secrets that may link her to the Dwyer clan. When Meacham gets close to discovering Dwyer’s fate, people around him start dying.

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About the Author:

Arno Zimmer was born in Rochester, NY and grew up in several towns in Upstate New York. He attended the University of Connecticut, from which he graduated cum laude with distinction in English. Subsequently, he received a master’s degree in literature from Georgetown University where he wrote his thesis on John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”.

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