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The Only Death That Matters

Author: Colin Conway

Genre: Thriller

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Book Description:

The police say Margaret Kelly drowned, but Ray Christy refuses to believe it. So, he’s going to prove it was murder.

Ray Christy retired several years ago from the Army and now fills his time volunteering with the Spokane Police Department. Once, he led men into battle, but today he performs the tasks many take for granted.

One Saturday morning, police dispatch sends Ray to collect a found wallet. What he discovers surprises him. The wallet’s owner drowned the day before, leaving Ray with only one question—how did her wallet travel four miles after she died?

Ray faces a tough decision when a detective refuses to reopen the investigation. He must decide between finding the truth or not getting involved. In the end, he does what any career military man would do.

He acts.

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About the Author:

Colin Conway is the creator of the 509 Crime Stories, a series of novels set in Eastern Washington with revolving lead characters. They are standalone tales and can be read in any order. He served in the U.S. Army and later was an officer of the Spokane Police Department. He’s owned a laundromat, invested in a bar, and ran a karate school. Besides writing crime fiction, he is a commercial real estate broker. Colin lives with his beautiful girlfriend, three wonderful children, and a codependent Vizsla that rules their world.

You can visit Colin’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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