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The Winning Score

Author: G.K. Brady

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Book Description:

She can’t stand him. The feeling is mutual. Can they make it through quarantine together?

Quinn Hadley only does one thing as well as he plays hockey—wheeling the ladies. He’s the envy of his teammates. With puck bunnies on speed dial in every city, he never spends a night alone unless it’s by choice. He has a certain type—hot, blond, and easy. So when he meets Sarah Nelson, bagging her is nowhere on his radar. Not only is she a brunette, but her fiery, take-no-prisoners style is a turn-off. Plus, she’s his teammate’s sister and totally off-limits.

But his disabled mother—who’s just been foisted on him—loves Sarah. And not only is his mom methodically ruining his sweet bachelor lifestyle, but she keeps firing every caregiver Quinn hires for her. So when COVID-19 puts everyone on lockdown, Quinn offers Sarah an opportunity she can’t refuse, despite the warning bells clanging in his head.

Sarah Nelson is fleeing a devastating breakup and has nowhere to go but to her brother’s place in Denver. An engineer by training, she needs a job pronto so she can yank herself back up on her own two feet. But COVID-19 stops her dead in her tracks. So when Quinn Hadley offers her a temporary job making stupid money, she has a hard time refusing—despite the fact she has to live under the same roof with a guy who turns her stomach. She’s had too much experience with charmers like him, and Quinn Hadley is the biggest charmer of all. With a track record to prove it. But it’s the other side of Quinn she never expects, and it’s far more lethal than his public persona.

When Mr. Smooth and Ms. Prickly shelter in place together, not even his mansion is big enough to contain the fireworks. These two are sparks colliding with gas: combustible and explosive.

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About the Author:

Award-winning author G.K. Brady’s passion for writing first manifested itself in cartoon strips she created for her parents’ entertainment. Since then, all sorts of stories and characters have lived in her imagination, elbowing one another for attention, so she’s giving them their voice on the written page.

A writer of contemporary romance, she loves happy endings, and how better to enjoy them than to create them? Her favorite tales are of the less-than-perfect hero or heroine who transforms before a reader’s eyes. She loves the notion that two people can go through the wringer and still come out with their happily-ever-after.

G.K. is a wife and the proud mom of three grown sons. When she’s not writing, she’s probably watching hockey … or she might be reading, drinking wine, listening to music, or gardening—sometimes all at once!

You can visit her Amazon author page if you click here.

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