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Falling for the Single Mom

Author: Alie Garnett

Genre: Romance

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Book Description:

The wall between Sera’s work & personal life is thick.
And fortunately soundproof.

Sera Lovely’s coworker arrogant, annoying, and a monumental pain, and he’s also—unfortunately—sexy as sin. When she’s put in charge of the internal investigation into a harassment claim made against the irritating office Romeo, Sera must push her infatuation aside to uncover the truth. But when Harrison turns on the charm, Sera wonders if he’s simply trying to sway the investigation?

Harrison Dean’s office shenanigans went a little too far and his career is suddenly on the line. Too bad HR director Sera will be deciding his guilt or innocence. The same Sera that he has spent years trying to get under her skin. The woman he has known for so long but is now suddenly seeing in a different light. How will he convince her it’s not just about the investigation? That his future is her, not a job.

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About the Author:

Who is Alie Garnett anyway?

Well let me tell you, I love to read and prefer a little spice in those books. I am lucky enough to live on a small hobby farm in northern Minnesota with her husband and two kids. I enjoy spending time in the pasture with my two mini horses and one fainting goat (who doesn’t actually faint). When I’m not writing, I’m busy trying to do all the things I didn’t get to while writing. Or maybe I wouldn’t have gotten to them anyway, because its laundry, dishes and fun things like that.

You can visit Alie’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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