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Dammi Mille Baci

Author: Hyunah Kim

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Book Description:

I met Axel, a mysterious, beautiful young artist in Vienna. As he led me to discover the city: a beautiful European capital with rich culture and art, this incredible encounter changed my life forever.

As an artist, he portrayed human weaknesses and frailties. What is art? How does one become an artist? But when his veiled childhood suffering prevented him from getting close to me, I found myself in turmoil and desperation. Would he ever open himself up to me?

In the midst of unanswered questions, I discovered the thief who stole Axel’s painting was right under my nose, and I decided to take justice into my own hands. But even so, would Axel ever accept my heart?

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About the Author:

A journey of a lifetime.

After graduating from the university in Seoul, having studied English literature, I adventured myself to Europe, where I have been living a good majority of my life until now. I went to a fashion school in Paris and started working as a makeup artist and a stylist in Paris. Then I moved to Munich, and to Vienna, where I met Axel, where the inspiration for my book was born.

My journey constantly kept me going from Europe, back to Korea, then to Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. Then I moved back to France, here in Antibes, in beautiful Côte d’Azur since 2019.

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