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Knocking Up His Nanny

Author: Olivia Noble

Genre: Romance

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Book Description:

Everyone teasingly calls me a nun. But being a good girl has gotten me nowhere. It’s time to be bold and take risks. Live my life, and kiss a handsome stranger…

I’ve spent years as a dirt-broke, starving artist. When my mom’s hospital bills start piling up, I take every odd job I can find in Silver Mountain. Eventually that leads to a nanny position at the biggest mansion in town. The kids are cute as stuffed animals. The pay is great, and my luck seems to be improving.

Only one problem: their dad might be the mysterious, sexy stranger I’ve been making out with in a hospital broom closet. Oops.

Mysterious, Sexy Stranger

Hiring June was a bad idea.

She’s sweet as apple pie, always smiling in her polka dots. She makes my heart warm, and makes my little demon children behave like perfect angels. I have never seen them so happy.
I know I should be professional, but I can’t keep my hands off her.
She has no idea that my secret plan is to make her more than just their nanny…

I want her to be their mother.

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About the Author:

Olivia Noble is a single mom who still believes in love. This New York Times bestselling author writes steamy romance to give you butterflies and sweep you away on glamorous adventures. She also loves rom coms and giggling at naughty jokes like a teenager.

You can visit Olivia’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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