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Boston Homicide

Author: John C. Dalglish

Genre: Mystery

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Book Description:

Officer Danny Sullivan has just become Detective Danny Sullivan, the first in a family line of Boston Police officers to do so. It’s a milestone the whole family can celebrate. But quickly, his new position turns into something more than he ever anticipated.

His first case with a new partner throws him into a web of secrets, half-truths, and dead women. The conclusion he draws puts him at odds with everyone in his life, and the young detective must decide whether to risk everything to prove his theory that more women are about to die.

Will he save lives or end his career?

Follow Danny on his first case as a member of BOSTON HOMICIDE.

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About the Author:

John Dalglish was born in Toronto, Canada and moved to the U.S as a boy in 1975. He is now an American citizen and the author of five different series’ and one standalone novel. He refers to his writing as ‘Clean Suspense’ because he includes no sex or obscenities in his books.

He and his wife Beverly, who does his book covers, have three sons and twelve grandchildren. They hope you enjoy reading their books as much as they do producing them.

You can visit John’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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