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Included in this post are relatively new Kindle book releases by independent authors in a variety of genres: I’m certain you will find something to enjoy in the offerings below. Also, similar to what I tell you in the daily posts, while the pricing is valid at the time of this posting, please make sure you check the pricing carefully before you press the “buy” button as it could change at any time!

Laugh Now, Cry Later

Author: Graham McClements

Genre: Memoir

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $3.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

With his marriage of 25 years ended, Irishman Graham visits family in Wales, resulting in new business opportunities, new friends and – eventually – new romantic interest.

It seems that more than food had been cooking in this chef’s kitchen! Inevitaby, the simmering pot explodes into a full-fledged love affair. All goes smoothly for a time, but then a single phone call threatens to change everything …

Told in his own words by the author, who did … Laugh Now, Cry Later!

Graham has been a chef since the age of fourteen. He has a passion for catering and hospitality and is recognised as someone who is respected in the industry.

His interests outside of the kitchen are in writing recipe books and being involved in local radio, where he presents his own twice weekly show.

Graham was married and has a family of four. He says, ‘I hope you enjoy the read.’

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Author: Gitte Tamar

Genre: Horror

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $3.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

Forced to move from home to home throughout his childhood, Tom’s fantasy of a family member rescuing him from the foster care system dies after several years pass without as much as a phone call.

His life unexpectedly shifts in his early teens when his only remaining blood relatives, his grandparents, suddenly reappear. For the first time in his resentment-filled years of abandonment, Tom experiences a moment of optimism over moving to the family pig farm.

Tom’s change in fortune should bring him happiness, but something lurking deep inside him inhibits his ability to feel contentment. No matter how hard he tries to adjust, ordinary human emotions don’t resonate in his bones, and his grandparent’s lack of understanding of his difficulties infuriates him. Tom copes by forming an unusual connection with the farm’s pig herd. The swine’s cooing oinks and soft snouts, rubbing against his skin, soothes his nerves even on the most trying days.

On his eighteenth birthday, rather than give him a gift, the elderly couple lays out an ultimatum that threatens his future and the welfare of his beloved pigs. With his world collapsing around him, Tom makes an impulsive decision that changes his life forever and sets him on a path of dark self-discovery.

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The Family Trap

Author: Lorna Dounaeva

Genre: Thriller

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $3.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

Prudence welcomed Zoe into her home. Now she’s fighting to survive.

Two simple words shatter Prudence Ahern’s world – “I’m pregnant.”

Her son Nathan is only eighteen when his new girlfriend Zoe drops that little bombshell. Prudence feels she has to support her son and asks Zoe to move in with them.

Right from the start, Prudence knows something isn’t right. When Nathan is around, Zoe is sweet and funny but as soon as it’s just the two of them, she becomes menacing and sullen.

Worse still, Prudence becomes the victim of a series of increasingly dangerous accidents which begin soon after Zoe moves in.

She tries to warn her son that something is wrong with Zoe, but he refuses to listen, so it’s left to Prudence to figure out what’s going on. Who is the mysterious Zoe? What exactly does she want from them? And whose child is she really carrying?

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Arbitrary and Capricious

Author: Jim Lively

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $2.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

Retired lawyer Sanders Pierce would rather spend his time painting at his art gallery, but when a former colleague, now general counsel at a major health benefits firm, asks him to investigate potential internal deceptions, he can’t resist. Mostly because the amount she offers for his contract work is too good to pass up.

He insists he will abide by the standard of law, which could expose the firm’s fiduciary conduct as arbitrary and capricious.

He gets assigned to a small office in the lower floor of corporate headquarters where he interviews various employees and studies flowcharts. At first no one reveals much of concern, until he receives an email from a mysterious source with a grim warning: Nothing is what it seems.

As Sanders digs deeper—and receives more cryptic messages—he meets others he didn’t expect: an exotic dancer at a strip club, a psychotherapist who could be a dominatrix, and someone who tries to assassinate him.

What has he gotten himself into? What started as arbitrary and capricious is now dangerous, and Sanders has to escape without getting himself killed.

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The Ultimate Worry-Free Pregnancy Guide For Dads

Author: Curtis Hoyles

Genre: Non-Fiction

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $4.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

Discover how YOU can become a super dad and support your partner through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond!

Do you have a baby on the way, and you’re at your wit’s end? Are you struggling to cope with the idea of becoming a dad? Or do you need a practical first-time dad pregnancy book to help you navigate this challenging time and support your partner through every step of her pregnancy? Then this book is for you!

As the ultimate guide for stressed-out soon-to-be fathers, this first-time dad guide shares tons of authentic advice, humorous personal anecdotes, and common-sense guidance to help you manage fatherhood, support your partner through pregnancy, and become a super dad! With a dedicated 9-step program that’s specially tailored for pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, you’ll find expert tips and emotional support to help you on your fatherhood journey.

Fatherhood can be a scary and daunting prospect – and it’s easy to feel like you have nowhere to turn. The Ultimate Worry-Free Pregnancy Guide for Dads aims to give you the wisdom and confidence you need to approach fatherhood with a plan and be ready to tackle whatever challenges this exciting new chapter of your life throws at you.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • The BEST Ways You Can Be There For Your Partner and Make Her Feel Supported
  • A Complete Guide To Medical Check-Ups (and How You Can Choose The Right Healthcare Provider)
  • Birth and Beyond – How To Care For Your Newborn and Welcome Your Child Into The World
  • Can You Get The “Daddy Blues”? Emotional Support For Parents After Childbirth
  • How To Easily Set Up Your Baby’s Sleep Routine (and Avoid Going Crazy at The Same Time!)
  • And So Much More!

With essential advice designed to help you foster a strong, loving, and understanding relationship with your partner to get you through this momentous time in every couple’s life, this first-time dad’s pregnancy handbook is an invaluable resource that will quickly become a treasure trove of insights for all your fatherhood needs.

Are you ready to become a first-time super dad?

Click here to pick up your copy of The Ultimate Worry-Free Pregnancy Guide For Dads in the Amazon Kindle store.


Author: Charles Combee

Genre: Suspense

Free via Kindle Unlimited: No

Regular Price: $6.99
Today’s Price:$5.95

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Book Description:

While camping in a remote canyon in Utah Jim accidently sees an ancient rite taking place with a coyote like creature presiding over it. Now this creature wants Jim dead.

Audrey and her family go hiking in Utah and are attacked by this creature. Audrey is the only survivor, but she is pulled into a strange world of darkness and glass. She is ‘rescued’ by Jim, but is still linked to the creature, whose hold on her will end in her death unless Jim can find a way to break that link.

In his dreams, or are they ancient memories, Jim begins to learn more about Coyote as well as the magics that previously bound him. But those dreams end without teaching him the full magics. Can he find a way to free Audrey and stop Coyote from once again terrorizing humankind?

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