Reading Your Kindle While Bathing

I posted something similar a few years ago, but the mail bag has had people asking similar questions several times over the last few weeks…


From the title of this header, I’m sure some of you are scratching your heads.  I have heard of people reading their Kindles while sitting in the bathtub (maybe you have one of the ones that are allegedly waterproof), using a variety of methods such as enclosing the Kindle in a Ziploc bag (for one of the older model Kindles) as well as having the Kindle enclosed in one of the waterproof cases I have seen on the Amazon website.

While the waterproof cases seem a little inconvenient and many are expensive and seems like a good solution if you are so inclined, I wouldn’t recommend reading your Kindle in the bathtub, pool , or shower trusting your life to it being enclosed securely in a Ziploc bag.  If you wonder why I say that, just think of how dangerous it is to blow dry your hair while sitting in the bathtub – hopefully, you don’t do that – as it can kill you: if the electronics, and the electricity contained in them, get into the water and you are in the water you could die.  And for you naysayers, it only takes one volt to kill you.

Death is obviously forever, and I can’t think of any book I would absolutely have to read while sitting in the bathtub that could jeopardize my life while reading it in a Ziploc bag.  Besides, I take showers!

I bring this up as I received a note from a blog reader wanting to know if I knew of a cure for a Kindle that had been dropped in the bathtub.  You could try drying it out in a bag filled with dry white rice and see if it resurrects your Kindle – that sometimes works on cell phones, but not when I was pushed one time into the pool and it fried my one-week old new cell phone – but I wouldn’t hold out much hope.

I think your best bet would be to call Amazon’s Kindle customer service and tell them what happened, as I have heard numerous stories of Amazon offering a replacement Kindle for half price.  The only “catch” is after you receive the replacement Kindle you have to return the damaged unit.  That 50% off replacement policy may not be valid today, but it is certainly worth a try.

Good luck!



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  1. There are two ways to read a book on Kindle in the bath. Prop it on the sink or closed toilet and tell it to read the book to you. Alexa does a good job of it.
    IF by chance you do get your Kindle soaked, forget the rice. In just about every OTC medication there are Silica Packets. Additionally you can buy them in bulk on Amazon, they are expensive. Toss a few into the Gallon Ziplock with your kindle or what ever has gotten wet that shouldn’t have and give it a couple of hours. You should be good to go. They are about 9$ for 55 of them. Smaller ones are good for keeping moisture out of herbs as well.

  2. While I don’t read in the tub anymore I used to until I got tired of soggy books. The silica is a good idea but Alexa is better. I read both printed books and kindle books but not in the tub. I now take showers. No more soggy books.

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