Free & Discounted Kindle Books for Saturday

Here’s your listing of free and discounted Kindle book offers in a variety of genres for Saturday: for those books listed as being free in this post – while the pricing of the free status is valid at the time of this posting, please make sure you check the pricing carefully before you press the “buy” button as it could revert back to paid status at any time!

The Case of Moomah’s Moolah

Author: Jim Stevens

Genre: Humor

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $2.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

Richard Sherlock is back on the case of Moomah’s Moolah.

It starts with a simple kidnapping, proceeds to a botched ransom drop, escalates to a safe deposit box theft, and culminates in a missing four-million- dollar diamond necklace.

The timing is awful. It all goes down during Sherlock’s two summer weeks with his daughters, Kelly and Care. The suspects are worse; Tiffany’s half-uncles, half-aunts, and other half-wit relatives. And, Moomah is the worst possible victim, because the Grande Dame of the insurance fortune now exists in an Oz state of mind.

In order to solve the case, Sherlock enlists the help of an odd group of associates, including Phoebe the Forger, Freddy the Fencer, Second Story Man, Shervy, and the Mona Lisa.

Sherlock will reluctantly figure out whodunit, but it won’t be easy.

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Author: C.M. Sutter

Genre: Thriller

Free via Kindle Unlimited: No

Regular Price: $4.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

Criminals have to answer to Detective Jade Monroe, and they aren’t liking it.

Sleepy little North Bend just woke up. The newly promoted Sergeant Jade Monroe, and her partner, Detective Jack Steele, have just been informed of an unidentified male body found at a local lake. The town is in an uproar. The victim was nearly decapitated, and murder simply doesn’t happen in North Bend.

As more bodies turn up, the single connection between all of the victims becomes clear—it’s Jade, herself. With each new victim getting one step closer to Jade, time begins to tick away.

She must find the person responsible before her loved ones, or herself, are targeted next.

Click here to pick up your free copy of Maniacal in the Amazon Kindle store.


Author: Cheryl Melody Baskin

Genre: Non-Fiction

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $6.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

Nurture your body, mind and spirit and gain insight about your unlimited potential.

User-friendly and inspirational, it is designed for anyone who has always been a dreamer, forgot their dreams along the way, or never knew how to dream. It is also dedicated to readers who want to heal and grow from inside-out and live life with more lightness, balance and joy.

By sharing my struggles and vulnerabilities, you will see that you’re not alone with your own doubts, fears and insecurities … and the abundance of self-healing and self-discovery activities sprinkled throughout each chapter will serve to guide and transform your personal journey.

Heart-Dreamer also contains the voices of wisdom from people all over the world who share their life lessons with you in one inspiring community of love.

Heart-Dreamer is also here to help you get in touch with your imaginative and playful inner child. It will ignite a spark of wonder, leading you to know that you can always choose to begin again with new visions of hope, no matter what.

My strongest desire is to support you in getting out of your own way … offering experiential activities that will encourage you to take positive paths in all areas of your life. Every page of Heart-Dreamer overflows with unconditional love and wisdom, encouraging you to live your one life with determination, patience, joy, persistence, strength, courage, faith, creative flow, and most of all, love.

Click here to pick up your free copy of Heart-Dreamer in the Amazon Kindle store.

Twinned Reality

Author: Joe Topliffe

Genre: Science Fiction

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $2.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

What would you do if you discovered an alternate reality in which you are a wanted criminal?

Erica’s life takes a sudden and unexpected turn when a deja vu from a recurring dream saves her from a fatal accident.

She is whisked away by someone claiming to be from a parallel universe, sent to protect her from a fugitive who has escaped from their reality to hunt her down.

That fugitive is her.

Taking in the seemingly utopian alternate reality she finds herself thrown into, Erica asks herself why the other version of her would want to hurt her. Learning more about this parallel world, she begins to wonder if the world she knew, and her very existence, was nothing more than a mistake.

As the secrets of time travel and diverging time streams are revealed, Erica discovers that she may already know too much, and the people who kept these secrets hidden will stop at nothing to make sure she stays silent.

Join Erica as she is thrown into an alternate reality and sees how our world could have looked if society had taken action on climate change decades ago.

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Assassin’s Curse

Authors: Debra L. Martin & David W. Small

Genre: Fantasy

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $5.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

When elite assassin Jeda DeLongo received his assignment to kill a witch and deliver her twin daughters to the Countess of Berkshire, he had no idea it would be his last. The witch stuns him with an elemental blast, but not before he’s able to throw his knife. When Jeda regains consciousness, the dying witch is performing a compulsion spell between him and her daughters. Now bonded to the girls, Jeda’s old life is forfeit. His only thought is to take the girls and run as far away as he can. He has no idea that the twins are the ones spoken of in the long-lost prophecy of The Witch Stone. Forces are gathering: the white witches want to teach them; the black witches want to use them; the Countess wants her grandchildren back, and the guild has sent their best assassin to bring them back. Jeda must use all of his skills to stay one step ahead of them all, but will it be enough to save himself and keep the children of prophecy alive?

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House Beside the River

Author: David Burnett

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $2.99
Today’s Price: $2.99

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Book Description:

A coming-of-age novel with a strong heroine, a sweet love story, and a suspenseful struggle between good and evil

Running from vile rumors and merciless ridicule, thirteen-year-old Nicole Beaumont flees her home in Parsons Valley, Georgia. In the farming community where she lived, almost any transgression could be tolerated, excused, or overlooked, any transgression, save one that smacked of sex, and, according to rumor, that was exactly what she had done while lying with Chris Miller on the bank of Parsons Pond. It was a lie, the worst part at any rate, but Chris̶ refused to deny the rumor. Chris, the boy who had been her best-friend-for-life, her soul mate, the one with whom she was supposed to spend her life, he allowed everyone to believe the rumor to be true.

Vowing to never trust another person as she had trusted Chris, Nicole leaves him behind and takes refuge at a boarding school in rural Pennsylvania.

Such vows can be difficult to keep, but Nicole perseveres.

Until she meets Richard. He seems different from the others. He accepts Nicole as she is. He keeps her secrets. When others doubt her, he stands in her defense. Nevertheless, even as they fall in love, the full story of what happened at Parsons Pond remains off-limits to him, as well as her memories of Chris, which tempt her, tugging her into the past, threatening to betray her.

Chris re-enters her life in a most unexpected way, and Nicole finds herself emmeshed in a deadly game that pits Chris, the boy she once loved, against Richard, the man who loves her, now, a game from which only one will emerge unscathed. Nicole faces an impossible decision. Which will she choose? Who will live?

House Beside the Riveris a romantic, true-to-life coming-of-age novel featuring a violent culture, a strong woman, and a sweet ending.

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