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Marshall’s Gold

Author: K.R. Hill

Genre: Thriller

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Book Description:

Police lieutenant Cody Brannon is awoken when a floor board creaks outside his room. An intruder is in the house.

There are whispers. The thin red light of a laser sight appears in the space beneath the door. Two armed men are outside his bedroom. Any second they might burst through the door.

Cody’s military training takes over as he grabs his automatic, silently climbs out of bed, and waits, staring at the space beneath the door.

“I’m a cop,” he shouts.

Bullets rip through his bedroom door, throwing wood fragments into the air.

Cody Brannon, an American cop working for the Amsterdam Police Department, is pulled into an international mystery when his black sheep brother shows up with Russian thugs hot on his tail.

Marshall, the long-lost brother, is murdered, but before he dies, he tells a wild tale about how he discovered agold disk in the Caribbean.

When all the questioning and police paperwork is finished, Cody is offered a side job: find the disk. He knows that the disk will lead him to Marshall’s killer, the person who paid to have his brother murdered.

With nephew and YouTube star mom in tow, he travels to the Caribbean village where his late brother had lived. All Cody has to do is to retrace his brother’s last day in the village. Along the way he is followed and attacked, and finally learns the truth about the disk. He also stumbles into a deadly romance, and gets hard lessons about being a father.

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About the Author:

After the suicide of a childhood friend, K.R. Hill left the States and backpacked across Europe, Africa and Mexico, all the while searching. What would make life fantastic? He wanted to know. What would create for him the joyful memories that his late friend never got?

He found that answers to questions like that don’t come easy, and so he kept looking. He picked apples in Switzerland, bailed hay in Denmark, taught English in Germany, opened a bar in Israel, and daily spear-fished for lobster on a Caribbean reef. He also chased the heck out of women, thinking that sex might reveal some truth about life.

After a decade On The Road, Kevin realized that with his travels he had created fantastic stories, wonderful memories that his friend would have loved to have been a part of. He also understood that he wanted to share those stories, wanted to create suspenseful books that grabbed people and made them laugh and cry while being shown truths about life, about love, and about searching for meaning.

To do that, he knew, he had to study and practice the trade and craft of writing. He began with travel articles, of course. Then he graduated to magazine and online gigs. When he had sold enough of those, he moved to a Mexican village on the Caribbean, into an abandoned house, where he slept in a hammock and cranked out his first novel, pouring his heart and travel experiences into it while spraying mosquitoes with Bug and Tar Remover.

Kevin (K.R. Hill) now lives with his wife and big, bad rescue dog who is really a baby, in the ‘burbs of LA, and still, once in a while, he can hear the sweet, seductive call of his long-time mistress, travel.

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