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Included in this post are relatively new Kindle book releases by independent authors in a variety of genres: I’m certain you will find something to enjoy in the offerings below. Also, similar to what I tell you in the daily posts, while the pricing is valid at the time of this posting, please make sure you check the pricing carefully before you press the “buy” button as it could change at any time!

Crow Country

Author: Emily V. Sullivan

Genre: Thriller

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $4.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

“Everyone was, in one night, made basic again. For when the Lord snapped his fingers, the Devil took the stage. What tremendous music he made”.

October Ninth – the day the world went dark. Nearly three decades later, life is different. Slower, sicker, meaner. In Colorado the Old West was reborn, and with it came the Crows, beastly birds with a taste for man. They’ve outgrown Denver, the Crows. Judge sees how they spread, how they hunt and feast on what remains of mankind, and he hates them. The blackout without mercy—already crippled the world. The past twenty-six years only saw survivors shrivel and perish, quietly, pathetically. All because the lights never turned back on. Instead, through death and dark nights, the untamed West came roaring back, and with it the stink, the grime, and the danger of older days. Now bloodthirsty birds flock to finish what the Devil started.

If Judge could butcher them all, he would. Law has other plans. Perhaps by reliving the past, the town of Genesis might find its future. Already it bears vision, purpose, and people; it has guidance under Law and order through Judge. But talk of a machine, after so long of silence, stagnation, and simple living, has made Law a moth to a dangerous flame. He might walk through hell just to see it. He might take his whole town with him. But there are others—the callous, the crazed, the greedy—who stand in their way.

Could be all of them want the train. For power, for protection, or just for the sake of having something no other soul could claim, the rumor has started a race. One Law intends to win. Because the Crows are coming. And what good are walls when the Devil has wings?

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Dealing with Kate

Author: Jamie Arras

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $2.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

She’s looking for Mr. Right. He’s looking for Ms. Right Now. Will either get what they want?

Real estate agent Kate Parker loves order and routine. Her perfect life is missing just one thing—a man. After being repeatedly burned, she’s put her husband-hunt on hold and temporarily sworn off men. However, her resolution for a man-free summer is quickly put to the test when she signs a hunky new client.

Adam King is a wealthy real estate investor and self-proclaimed bachelor. He knows what he likes and rarely thinks things through before going after it. Getting his new agent to loosen up becomes his latest venture, but soon he wants more. Her strict no-dating-clients rule may be tough, but… Challenge accepted.

Just when Kate thinks Adam might be changing, he lets her down in a major and public way. Can Kate get past the betrayal? And can these two opposites meet somewhere in the middle to find happiness?

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The Lady’s Christmas Kiss

Author: Rose Pearson

Genre: Historical Romance

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $3.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

Lady Rebecca’s heart has been broken. Yet when difficulties arise, she calls upon her old flame. Could there still be something wonderful between them?

Lady Rebecca loves everything about Christmas and is thrilled to be invited to a extended Christmas gathering. However, her happiness is spoiled by the arrival of a gentleman she knows all too well, the only gentleman who has ever had – and broken – her heart: Viscount Hastings.

Viscount Myles Hastings never expected to see Lady Rebecca again. Walking into the house party to see her sitting there takes his breath away – and in that instant, his only wish is to win her back, no matter the consequences.
When a dark incident forces them together, Myles is determined to take his opportunity – and Rebecca finds herself drawn back to the only gentleman who has ever captured her heart. Mistletoe balls, Christmas games, and wonderful dinners give them plenty of opportunities to grow closer but Rebecca is afraid of what will happen, should she trust him again.

Will the magic of Christmas help them to reconcile? Will Myles be bold enough to tell her the truth? And can this one dark moment lead them to a happiness they’d both thought they’d lost forever?

Click here to pick up your copy of The Lady’s Christmas Kiss in the Amazon Kindle store.

Don’t Tell Them I’m Alive

Authors: James Rice & Tim Kizer

Genre: Thriller

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $2.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

What do you do when you find your husband’s killer?

In August of last year a superyacht named Lady Athena disappeared with 27 people on board. Twelve months later, plastic surgeon Natalie Finlay meets a man who looks exactly like one of its passengers. What she doesn’t know is that he is a vicious killer.

When a body with multiple stab wounds is found in her bedroom, Natalie becomes the prime suspect in the case. It’s up to Detective David Hudson to find out what really happened.

He needs to solve the case before the killer claims another victim.

This collection contains novels DON’T TELL THEM I’M ALIVE and THE VANISHED.

The Vanished, a thriller

He has to become a child killer to save his daughter’s life.

On May 6, five-year-old Annie Miller goes missing in a park. On May 7, her father, David Miller, fails a lie detector test. On May 9, during a hypnosis session, David confesses to murdering his daughter and gives the police the location of the knife he used to kill her. The knife has traces of Annie’s blood and David’s fingerprints all over it.

Two weeks later, a man named Ben calls David and tells him Annie’s alive. Ben is willing to let the girl go, but first David has to do something for him–something that would land David in prison for the rest of his life.

Can David trust him?
Is Ben even real?

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Loving Brooke

Author: Elsa Winckler

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Free via Kindle Unlimited: No

Regular Price: $5.99
Today’s Price:$0.99

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Book Description:

Can two friends fake love or will their fake relationship end their real friendship?

Irritated by their families continued efforts to get them together, good friends widow Brooke Johnson and Gavin Wilson decide to fake a relationship for the next two weeks. But then Gavin kisses her, making her aware of the desires she’d suppressed for so long.

Suddenly, Brooke struggles to focus on finishing paintings for an upcoming exhibition and her simple life becomes way more complicated than before.

When a creepy gallery manager makes her life unpleasant, Gavin wants to take control of the situation and red lights flicker. Brooke had made a vow to handle her own problems rather than relying on someone. Her husband’s death had left her in the dark about finances. She couldn’t let Gavin take over but will their new romance stand up to her hands off attitude? Or will Brooke learn that it’s okay to lean on the ones you love sometimes?

But in the small town of Alisson, Montana, love will find a way.

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