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Dark Cure

Author: Cameron K. Moore

Genre: Thriller

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Book Description:

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, one man unlocks the ultimate Pandora’s Box.

When Dr. Karl Shepherd discovers a revolutionary drug that can cure his daughter’s rare disease, he unlocks the ultimate version of Pandora’s Box.

Soon, he is hunted through the Amazon rainforest by ruthless mercenaries desperate to steal his secret. His every step is tracked by the brutal Jacques Benoit, a cognitively-enhanced commando. Shepherd’s survival and the antidote for his daughter hinge upon his experience as a former U.S. Ranger.

But, Shepherd doesn’t know that his amazing breakthrough could unleash something far worse. The ability to create super-soldiers – genetically upgraded men and women bred to be the ultimate gladiators – a staggering military advantage capable of rewriting the laws of power and rearranging world order.

Whoever controls Shepherd’s discovery will rule the planet.

Shepherd realizes that he can only be certain of two things. He holds the key to the future of Earth. . . and the chances of saving his daughter are disappearing by the minute.

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About the Author:

Cameron K. Moore loves thrillers, coffee and anything that wears his two energetic young sons out. In between writing thrillers, he has an extensive business background, specializing in risk management. He also has a passion for science that began in his school days and culminated when he gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. He later worked for a major scientific research organization which provided much of the inspiration for his writing.

You can visit Cameron’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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