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Dragon Assassin Complete Series

Author: Arthur Slade

Genre: Fantasy

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Regular Price: $9.99
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Book Description:

It pays to bring a dragon to a sword fight. Well, to any fight, that is…

2,400+ pages of action-packed dragon adventures, complete with fire-breathing snark, betrayals, dragon-riding heroes and heroines, crossing worlds of great wonder.

Carmen is an assassin. She’d love to say she just graduated with honours, but that’s not how it worked out. First, there was a horrible betrayal at assassin school. Next, a snarky, dangerous dragon came into her life: Brax. He loves books, goats and fighting against mortals and dragons alike. He’s also an outcast prince with his own dark secrets.

But the emperor has declared war on assassins and the five free realms. And he’s winning. Carmen and Brax are on the run, desperately searching for a way to stop this war.

They set off on a journey that will lead them through the mortal realms of Ellos, to Drachia-the land of dragons-and, to the mysterious homeland of the outcast wizards and witches, all hoping to find help.

But it turns out that help is as dangerous as the emperor himself.

This boxed set contains all twelve novella episodes of the Dragon Assassin series:

1. Twin Fury
2. Shadow Hunter
3. Dark Wings
4. Bitterwaters
5. Elder Magic
6. Royal Blood
7. Hidden Powers
8. Burning Empire
9. Old Enemies
10. Downfall
11. The Golden Spear
12. Deathwings

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About the Author:

I was raised by hobbits. And dwarves. And a dragon named Smaug. It was a strange, boisterous family, but always entertaining and always an adventure.

My uncle was a Jedi. He took me to a desert planet to hone my lightsabre skills. And there I met my cousin, who was the Muad’Dib from Dune. We travelled the worlds together: It was an adventure, always an adventure.

Others, who I went to school with, might say I grew up on a ranch in the Cypress Hills of southwest Saskatchewan, Canada. That I rode horses and chased cows, but always had a book in my hand. I later went to university and worked in advertising. They may be right, but I still crave second breakfast every day. And have a burn scar from trying to open a can of beans with my lightsaber.

I’ve spent my life living in and creating other worlds. Places where spies can shape-change to defeat their enemies, hero assassins can rise to defeat an empire, or dragons can breathe fire and snark at the same time. They are worlds of great fun, humour and heroism. You’re welcome to visit at anytime. You deserve an adventure.

You can visit Arthur’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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