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Backyard Farming Box Set

Author: Vikki Walton

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Book Description:

Chicken Culprit

Chicken Culprit introduces you to Anne Fremont who has moved to the small mountain town in Colorado. Unfortunately, before she’s unpacked all her boxes her neighbor turns up dead in his compost pile. Anne reluctantly agrees to help key suspect, Kandi Jenkins to clear her name, but Anne’s admonished at every turn by the town’s sheriff.

Cordial Killing

Cordial Killing finds Anne now part-owner of the Brandywine Inn, a bed and breakfast. When one of the guests dies soon after the group arrives, it appears to be a natural event. In addition to a guest dying, ghostly occurrences in the house are keeping everyone on edge. When another person dies, Anne knows there’s a killer among the old college friends. When a blizzard traps everyone, Anne has no choice but to team up with Sheriff Carson to uncover the killer before they strike again.

Honey Homicide

Honey Homicide continues Anne’s story as she’s drawn into a deadly game with drug dealings. When Sheriff Carson’s house is burnt to the ground, Anne must confront her feelings about him and try to solve the case on her own. For once, will Anne’s meddling cause her to get way in over her head?

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About the Author:

You’ll most often find Vikki hiking with her dog, out in her garden, traveling abroad, or writing her next book. She divides her time between Colorado Springs and her numerous homes around the world. Okay, so they’re not really her homes, since she’s a house and pet sitter, but she always wanted to include that in her bio. And so she did.

You can visit Vikki’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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