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Author: Scott Cook

Genre: Mystery

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Book Description:

A simple missing person’s case sparks off an Orlando detective’s journey into a deadly world of shadow and mystery…

An idealist at heart, Scott Jarvis finds himself growing more and more disillusioned with police work. Assigned to what at first seems like a fairly mundane case to find a missing NASA engineer, he uncovers a plot that leads him into the dark underworld of organized crime and international intrigue. Just as he’s making real progress, Jarvis is pulled off the case and ordered to lay off or else…

Frustrated and haunted by the shadows of his past, Jarvis confronts the most important choice of his life – stay on the job or turn in his badge and become a hard boiled private investigator… play by somebody else’s rules or do it his way – with fists flying and guns blazing!

A new Florida action and mystery series that takes you on a journey from Orlando to the Florida Keys where the shadow world of smuggling, murder and a threat to national security could spell disaster for young Jarvis!

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About the Author:

A full-time author who lives in Florida’s Tampa Bay area, Scott W. Cook is and has always been a lover of good stories. When he’s not hard at work composing new tales, Scott enjoys living the full Florida lifestyle – sailing, surfing, kayaking, fishing and if you can throw in a great waterside bar and grill and good tunes, you’ll find a happy man!

Scott is a voracious reader, and truly loves losing himself in a good story. It’s one of the reasons he first became a writer – the desire to bring an engaging, exciting and entertaining tale to life. With his Florida-based private investigator series, his WWII submarine thriller series and new Age of Sail naval adventures, Scott indulges his passions and allows his imagination to run wild… in the hope that immersing yourself in his books will put a smile on your face.

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