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Crazy On You

Author: Christen Bentsen

Genre: Suspense

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Book Description:

Olivia is tired of being invisible. But could her resentment lead her to murder?

She lives in the perfect suburban town of Huntwood Valley, where wealthy neighbors build their own dream homes and chauffer their kids to private school and elite activities. However, Olivia’s homelife is much bleaker. She is forced to care for her mentally ill mother and abusive father until he drops dead.

Olivia’s life improves when she becomes a mother and meets three diverse women in the same stage of life. Claire is an intense, full-time lawyer with a nanny. Charlotte is a charmed transplant from Richmond married to a distracted husband. And Beth? Well, she’s perfect. Despite her anxious, erratic personality, Olivia develops meaningful friendships. But Beth is special. She has everything. Olivia sets her sites on her new obsession, determined to make herself invaluable. When her persistence turns to meddling, the friendship sours.

Olivia snaps. She unravels quickly, succumbing to familiar volatile tendencies. When the women become fearful of Olivia and her devious behavior, Olivia doesn’t quit. She persists.

How far will Olivia go to achieve the life she desperately wants?

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About the Author:

Christen Bensten is the author of Starving, a memoir about her childhood trauma and cult-like, religious education. She is the founder of Blue Egg Brown Nest Interiors & Design, a popular design blog and interior design business.

Christen lives just outside of Washington, D.C. with her husband, three kids, five cats and loads of foster kitties looking for good homes.

You can visit Christen’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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