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Author: Blair Howard

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Book Description:

Jasmine was my first murder case as lead detective and it was doozy.

For eight years I’d played Dr. Watson to Harry Starke’s Sherlock Holmes, and then he was gone. He quit the force, leaving me without a partner. It wasn’t a good time for me.

It seems like I’ve been a cop all my life, almost twenty years, eighteen of them as a detective. And I’ve seen some terrible things, things that to this day keep me awake at night. Jasmine was one of the worst.

Welcome to the Lt. Kate Gazzara Murder Files of female lead detective, police procedural thrillers. If you like strong women, impossible odds, and complex mysteries, then you’ll love this gripping series opener.

What would you do if someone murdered your teenage daughter? Ready? Let’s Solve This!

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About the Author:

Blair Howard is a retired journalist turned novelist. He’s the author of more than 40 novels including the international best-selling Harry Starke series of crime stories, the Lt. Kate Gazzara series, and the Harry Starke Genesis series. He’s also the author of the Peacemaker series of international thrillers and five Civil War/Western novels.

You can visit Blair’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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