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Included in this post are relatively new Kindle book releases by independent authors in a variety of genres: I’m certain you will find something to enjoy in the offerings below. Also, similar to what I tell you in the daily posts, while the pricing is valid at the time of this posting, please make sure you check the pricing carefully before you press the “buy” button as it could change at any time!

Ten Minutes in the Sin Bin

Author: M.J. Schiller

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Free via Kindle Unlimited: No

Regular Price: $2.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

Scottie McCord is a busy NHL player. And, as a forward, he doesn’t do a lot of looking back. But when Elise Scofield moves to the same West Coast city he plays for, he can’t help but reminisce about his first kiss with her.

I’m psyched Elise will be close by. She’s a lot of fun, and I need to get the 411 on her breakup with Hunter. I thought wedding bells would be ringing for those two soon. If Hunter broke her heart, I may have to pay him a visit. I warned him when they first started dating that I would be none too happy with him if he hurt Elise. Not that I have a thing for her. Sure, that kiss when we were kids was the hottest moment of my life, but that’s just because it was a first. She’s like a sister to me now.

Elise Scofield is making a fresh start. She still loves Hunter, but they want different things and he’s found someone else. A move to sunny California may be just what she needs, especially with Scott there.

Scottie and I have always been close, “two straws in a soda” is my mom’s weird way of putting it. We’d gotten over that awkwardness of having kissed a long time ago, and fallen into an easy brother-and-sister-type of relationship. He’s the best. Always there for me, the one who picks me up when I’m feeling down. And who knows? He might even introduce me to an eligible hockey player or two.

But when Scott’s teammate says he’d like to spend TEN MINUTES IN THE SIN BIN with Elise, for some asinine reason, Scott becomes hot enough to melt the ice that he plays on. Then Elise and Sergei start dating. When Scott finds out his opposite winger is only trying to win a bet by bedding Elise, he wants to check his teammate into oblivion. But why are his feelings always so amped up around Elise?

One thing’s for certain; he’s determined to keep Sergei from hurting Elise. And when he’s determined—like in his rookie year, when he made his team’s list of top five goal scorers of all time—he gets what he wants.

The only problem, though, is this time around he’s not sure what it is he actually wants.

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The Butcher’s Wife

Author: RJ Law

Genre: Thriller

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $9.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

What could be worse than murder?

Robin Patterson has been following her husband — and she’s terrified of what she might find.

She had a perfect life … until he came home with blood on his shirt.

Just a deer, he said … an unlucky encounter on a dark, barren road. But then, just one week later, it happened again …

Blood on his shirt, scratch marks on his back, and a whole lot of excuses that just don’t add up.

Or at least that’s what she claims.

Jimmy Hunter isn’t so sure. A private investigator with a dark, disturbing past of his own, he’s perfectly suited to see through lies.

Only this time, it’s not so easy.

The news says there’s a violent killer on the loose and the local river has a bounty of human remains to prove it.

Is Robin’s husband responsible? Is she telling the truth? Or are they both part of something bigger and more sinister than Jimmy could ever imagine?

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Soldiers and Sweethearts Box Set

Author: Rose Pearson

Genre: Historical Romance

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $5.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

War was the background of the Regency period but that didn’t stop Lords and Ladies from finding their true love!

England and France were at war yet the English had many French friends and relatives. What a complicated world to navigate for the ton! This series includes stories of how the war played a role that society could not ignore, although they wanted to do so.

To Trust a Viscount
Miss Sarah Graham knows details about the war from her father. She must be on her guard to ensure some sweet-talking gentleman doesn’t elicit any of these details from her. Can Viscount Harrogate be trusted? Can she dare to trust him – not only with the truth but with her own heart?

Whispers of the Heart
Miss Ann Whyte is off to a London season under the care of the Earl of Ware, but he keeps forgetting she exists! But when other gentlemen begin to pursue her, he is jealous! Can Ann ever come to care for him?

Dare to Love a Marquess
Lady Georgina is pulled from her carriage by an unknown assailant, and Frederick, the Marquess of Stratham, promises to protect her. She pursues the Marquess, determined to find out the truth about the incident, only to find a mystery and a growing affection for the Marquess himself.

Healing the Earl
The Earl of Brinsworth, haunted by memories of the war, finds Miss Clara Lockhart to be a calming force with her gentle nature. Clara, forgotten by an uncaring father, is forced to become a companion to a long-lost friend of her mother. Can she dare to dream that she might find happiness? But a sudden danger then threatens them both.

A Lady’s Brave Heart
Lady Violet is afraid of her brother and suspects something dark is going on within his house. She is terrified of his nefarious plans that endanger a duke she has befriended. Can she find the courage to intervene and save the man who stole her heart?

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How to Run a Marathon in 13 Years

Author: JP Mac

Genre: Memoirs & Biographies

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $2.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

Injured while training for a marathon, distance runner JP Mac learns his knee is wrecked. He’s finished for good. Or is he? Discovering a revolutionary new method of running, Mac attempts to reinvent his form. But over time, fate unleashes a series of cruel challenges.

Knee surgery is followed by shoulder surgery. Mac is diagnosed with cancer. A new form of cancer strikes next. Massive weight gain balloons him above 270 pounds. Mac plunges into a Marianas Trench of depression. He battles self-destructive urges. But the hope of running another marathon will not fade nor “go gentle into that good night.”

Part training log, part diary, this non-fiction memoir relates Mac’s incredible journey from washed-up marathoner to reborn runner. If you’ve ever been injured in a sport, this astonishing story is for you. If you’ve ever watched a dream slip away, this breath-taking tale is for you. Learn the amazing power of perseverance and mental toughness. Buy this book and discover the wonders that await when you allow your reach to exceed your grasp.

Click here to pick up your copy of How to Run a Marathon in 13 Years in the Amazon Kindle store.

Vow of the Vanquished

Author: Justin DePaoli

Genre: Fantasy

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $4.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

The people of Andrastus pray to gods for mercy, but it is the man they curse as godless who’s their only hope.

They say he’s a man of such filth that soap cannot cleanse him, for soap cannot scrub the soul.

They say if you crack him open you’ll find nothing but hollowness from where rot ate away all the good.

They say lots of things. But if all of them were true, then Varick Kronwall could not stand amongst the living, for his kind was supposedly purged centuries ago.

What will they say when they learn he is the only thing standing between them and total obliteration?

Among the graves of Varick’s vanquished ancestors lie answers to stopping a coming darkness. But the secrets he covets are also desired by a beloved queen.

They say she’s divine, but they’re wrong about that too. Deadly wrong.

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The Woman on the Bench

Author: Eliot Stevens

Genre: Thriller

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $3.99
Today’s Price:$0.99

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Book Description:

At last, Mark has found the perfect woman. There’s just one small problem – his wife.

Married couple Mark and Cecilia seem to have it all – looks, wealth, love. But behind closed doors, things are very different – they live in silent resentment, their marriage broken by the shattering loss of the child they so desperately wanted.

Enter Alice – Mark’s idea of the perfect woman. She appears from nowhere and offers Mark the chance of a new life filled with love, passion, and – finally – the joys of parenthood. Everything he’s ever dreamed of.

But there’s a catch.

Mark can’t leave Cecilia because she knows a dark secret from his past that would ruin him if it was revealed. And he’s sure she’d be more than happy to use it against him if he betrayed her.

Mark’s future with Alice seems doomed. Until one night, in a secluded cottage on the Dorset coast, they hatch an unspeakable plan that might bring devastating ruin, or life-long happiness…
But who is Alice, really? And can love ever begin with murder?

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