Free & Discounted Kindle Books for Friday

Here’s your listing of free and discounted Kindle book offers in a variety of genres for Friday: for those books listed as being free in this post – while the pricing of the free status is valid at the time of this posting, please make sure you check the pricing carefully before you press the “buy” button as it could revert back to paid status at any time!


Author: Nathan M. Farrugia

Genre: Thriller

Free via Kindle Unlimited: No

Regular Price: $3.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

A trainee spy. A washed-up operative.
A doomsday cult with a city to burn.

Xiu thinks her recovery mission is leading her to the middle of nowhere, but when she reaches a derelict city on the Chinese border, she finds a seasoned operative with only a pistol, twenty rounds and a broken heart.

Cut off from the rest of the world, Xiu and her new, begrudging mentor face an unimaginable enemy: a paramilitary apocalypse cult with room for two, and irradiation for two million.

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All I Want for Christmas Eve

Author: Olivia Noble

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $2.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

Santa’s Sleigh has crashed in Eve’s backyard.

To be clear, it’s a plane named Santa’s Sleigh.
She saves Adam from the wreckage, and although he’s injured, he’s not too injured to make endless jokes about how they belong together. Adam and Eve jokes. Ugh.

It would be so lame if he weren’t so sexy. And if Eve didn’t live in The Middle of Nowhere, Alaska, where the only men around are polar bears.
Could Adam be Eve’s Christmas present from Santa?
Men don’t usually fall from the sky, but when they do… might as well enjoy.
It’s snowing men. Hallelujah?

Click here to pick up your free copy of All I Want for Christmas Eve in the Amazon Kindle store.


Author: Adrian Howell

Genre: Paranormal

Free via Kindle Unlimited: No

Regular Price: $4.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

When young Adrian Howell discovers he possesses powerful telekinetic abilities, he is plunged into a sinister world of warring paranormal factions and terrifying government organizations. Adrian must discover what really happened to his missing sister. But to do this, he will first have to find his place among fugitives like himself, and protect the life of a deeply scarred child who can speak only through her mind… a child who will change Adrian’s life forever.

Click here to pick up your free copy of Wild-Born in the Amazon Kindle store.


Author: R.E. Rowe

Genre: Young Adult

Free via Kindle Unlimited: No

Regular Price: $0.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

In a small town in Arkansas, two lives that seemingly have nothing in common will converge and change each other forever. A brilliant but tormented street artist and an ex-track star whose career was cut short by a heart condition.

Aimee DeLuca had a promising athletic career before her heart gave out during a high school track and field contest. Aimee struggles to find her way after spending time with a deceased grandmother during a near death experience. Reizo Rush is a street artist whose torment fuels his desire to add color to the gray walls of the city. But Reizo’s tagging and the two voices only he hears land him in perpetual trouble with both his teachers and the law. 

During a chance encounter, the two quickly find out they have much more in common than love. When they stumble upon a century-old storm cellar hidden underground on Aimee’s uncle’s ranch, they unearth a cellar full of artifacts and a hundred-year-old Will. Once the news of the discovery leaks out, a drug-dealing teen and a mysterious soul named General are determined to bury the truth along with anyone who gets in their way.

Click here to pick up your free copy of Voices in the Amazon Kindle store.

Snips and Snails Box Set

Author: Elizabeth Rain

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $9.95
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:


Getting older shouldn’t be a long downhill slide into obscurity. It should be the other half~The Best Half…

With nothing to show for a lifetime of chasing the Joneses and trying to conform to everyone else’s expectations but her own…Juli is more than ready for a change of lifestyle. But nobody ever told her that answering the summons to a strange letter would turn her entire life on a dime, and challenge every notion she’s ever had on what normal is…

But first she’ll need to solve her Uncle’s Murder and learn to Embrace her inner Witchiness…before she runs out of time and the killer Strikes Again…


Juli’s job to make sure the Soup of the Day delivers…a daily dose of magic that is…

Moonlighting as Veil Falls Amateur Sleuth helps keep her in coffee beans and pays the heating bill. When Mr. Fried and extra crispy shows up in bed at the local Retirement home and they flag her good friend Jacob for the crime, Juli decides to take the case….and then they realize they have the wrong guy…The real resident is missing…and the identity of the victim is a mystery…

And someone isn’t too keen on Juli solving it…


Life for Veil Fall’s very own Resident Soup Witch, Juli Mason, is looking up. Snips and Snails is a raving success, there’s Romance in the air for her and Jack, and she has solved her first two murders

She should have known better. Because now there’s a dead body in the pantry of Lovelace Resort. Is he the hapless victim of the fastidious chef because he didn’t do the dishes? Or was his death the result of a million-dollar heist gone wrong?

Before she knows it, Juli is on the case, chasing baddies, finding clues, and whipping up the right magical recipes to save them all.


Juli Mason hired Bertie the Bag Lady, living in the alley behind Snips and Snails, out of desperation. It was a smooth move.

Who knew Bertie would clean up so well? … Or that she was in actual fact, a Sous Chef with serious skills in the kitchen? When the Hat River in Veil Falls coughs up a wrecked Cadillac Sedan beneath the Fae Road Bridge and Bertie Faints at the news…Juli smells a mystery…

There’s something strange going on in Veil Falls. It’s up to Juli Mason to solve the case…or the results could just be murder.


What happens when Teenage Hijinks turn into Murder?

When the latest in a slew of Dumpster fires at the local campground turn up a finger and a ring, Jack Lovelace smells a corpse…and a job for his girlfriend Juli…Part-time Detective…Full-time Soup Witch at Snips and Snails Cafe…

Is there a Serial Killer Loose in Veil Falls? Will they find the culprit before a new grave is dug for the next victim?

But first, she’ll need to get cooking. If she’s to survive what’s coming, she’ll need a new kind of Hero. And she has just the right recipe to conjure one up…


The Gloves are off, or is it hats? in Veil Falls

Someone has an axe to grind with Jerry Watson, who has the popular vote in town, and is favored to win by a landslide come election time. There’s the rash of mean graffiti all over town, smearing Jerry’s reputation and making him look like a poor second candidate to the standing police chief, Larry Jokerbridge.

If Juli doesn’t want to visit her favorite sheriff in prison and have ‘The Joker” around for another four years, she’ll have to get busy, find the real killer, and clear Jerry’s name.

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