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The Carpet Cipher

Author: Jane Thornley

Genre: Mystery / Thriller

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Book Description:

Can a painting hold a secret safe in plain sight across seven centuries? The murder of the last member of an old Venetian family peels back the rug on a shocking truth that draws art historian and textile expert Phoebe McCabe into the fray.

What she sees in the missing Renaissance symbology will shake the foundations of religious and cultural assumptions across two continents and point the way to a priceless hoard. It’s a secret potent enough to pitch rival factions against Phoebe and her team while destroying history as collateral damage along the way.

By the time Phoebe tracks down the truth to its final destination, she’ll need to face her greatest enemy armed with nothing but wry wit, an indomitable spirit, and what’s left of a broken heart. But nothing will stop this warrior of the ancient lost and found.

From the dark misty canals of Venice to the vivid souks of Marrakech, Phoebe and her friends are pitched against the desperate and the entitled. Who owns a treasure buried on foreign soil? Can the poor ever win against the rich? And most importantly, can love conquer religious persecution and even time itself?

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About the Author:

Jane Thornley has been creating stories forever, or for at least as far back as she can remember. She recalls telling her elementary school buddies all about an amazing flying horse she kept in her closet that she’d take for rides when nobody was looking. Though her friends loved the stories (and were waiting for a ride), the adults were not so amused. After that, it didn’t take long for her to sort out the difference between writing fiction and telling lies but the experience shaped her life from that point on.

Now, as an adult, she’s lived many lives: English teacher, professional librarian, travel host, collaborator in a software company, a knitwear designer, and a superintendent of schools, but she considers “author” to be her default position. She lives nestled by a river in Nova Scotia and travels the world with her husband gleaning inspiration for her books.

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