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Book Description:

We’re born to thrive. Yet, few do. Some people, however, have “it.” They embody courage. They radiate love. They exude gratitude. How? They trust their conscience to guide them along their dirt path. They give warm gazes, smiles, and embraces, keeping the human touch alive. They understand that death is a reality and life is a gift. So, what’s their secret? They have a drive to thrive. You can, too.

In this book, Dr. Jeffrey Froh presents his approach for how to thrive with 10 commandments mapped onto God’s 10 Commandments. Using many diverse sources—including science, Scripture, Greek mythology, philosophy, children’s books, and music, as well as client, student, and personal stories—he’ll show you why you’re born to thrive. With 50 practical, science-based tips, he’ll also show you how to thrive. After reading this book, you’ll be able to realize your personal, social, and spiritual potential by:

  • Heeding your heart’s counsel—not the world’s counsel
  • Embracing your uniqueness and finding real connection
  • Accepting and bravely pursuing your mission

Keeping God’s 10 Commandments saves you from spiritual sin and helps you live virtuously. Keeping the 10 commandments to thrive saves you from “psychological sin” and helps you live your best-life-possible. Thus, keeping the 10 commandments to thrive may not help you reach Heaven—but it will help you reach heaven on Earth.

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About the Author:

Jeffrey J. Froh, Psy.D. is a bestselling author and Professor of Psychology at Hofstra University. He is a New York State (NYS) certified school psychologist, NYS licensed psychologist, Associate Fellow of the Albert Ellis Institute, and past Associate Editor for The Journal of Positive Psychology. Dr. Froh is the founder and past Clinical Director of the Positive Psychology Institute for Emerging Adults and co-owner of Positive Psychological Counseling Services, PLLC. A Distinguished Teacher of the Year recipient, he created a Positive Psychology course that is among the most popular in Hofstra’s history. Most weekends, he and his family eat bagels at the beach and skip rocks.

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