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The Fairytale Code

Author: Cameron Jace

Genre: Mystery / Thriller

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Regular Price: $5.99
Today’s Price: $3.99

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Book Description:

A dead girl on a cross…
A global cult of women…
An ancient code in everyone’s bedtime story…

Anne Anderson, a brilliant folklorist on the verge of a shocking discovery about the origins of fairytales, is haunted by her memories of what happened to her sister as a child: a brutal crime that is drowning her in guilt. Anne’s redemption is a lifetime quest to decipher the hidden codes her sister discovered in a certain folklore story that leads to atrocious crimes to this very day.

Detective David Tale is not that different from Anne. Witnessing his mother’s murder as a child left him with an unholy lust for catching killers, especially the rich and powerful who think they’re above the law. However, his mental state isn’t up to par, and his superiors only cover for him because of his relentless quest for truth.

When David is assigned to solve the case of a dead, teenage girl hung on a cross inside the Westminster Abbey, he is exposed to a web of clues by a killer who claims that only folklorist Anne Anderson can match his brilliance. A killer raised by a cult of women who have been keeping history’s darkest secrets for centuries.

A secret that will shatter the world and its history… one that has been cleverly encoded in the Brothers Grimm original version centuries ago… disguised as fairy tales.

Anne’s sister was right. It’s her duty to uncover the shocking secret that would pull the rug from under politicians, the Vatican, the Royal Family, and mankind’s history that has suspiciously been written by men — and never allowed women to tell their side of the story…

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About the Author:

Cameron Jace spent years studying architecture before retiring to pursue his two true passions: writing fiction and folklore. He had an early success with the Insanity bestselling fantasy series, spanning nine books, and based on facts about Lewis Carroll of Alice in Wonderland.

And though it’s been a most rewarding experience, he wanted to transfer his years-long — and still ongoing — research about fairytales to non-fantasy thriller fiction readers. Because folklore is real and based upon true-life crimes — or so he claims. Cameron was born in Germany but spent most of his youth in California, and now lives somewhere in Europe — it depends on the tale he is chasing.

You can visit Cameron’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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