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Life on Planet Earth

Author: Andy Gorman

Genre: Science Fiction

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Book Description:

Humankind is finally coming home, but they are no longer the dominant species…

Nearly 700 years ago, the Terminal Plague turned Earth into a desolate wasteland—a world now riddled with the devolved progeny of Homo sapiens.

The descendants of the only survivors live out a bleak existence in a lunar city called Omega, where the privileged live deep underground while the poor suffer radiation poisoning on the surface.

Headstrong seventeen-year-old Liam Stone hates it there. When he’s not scrubbing shrimp and algae vats, he spends his limited free time in the Earth Simulator, training to leave the cramped halls and rigid schedules of Omega behind. Boasting higher scores and better biometrics than any other candidate, Liam is confident he will earn a spot on the return mission to Earth…
Until the moment his sister is chosen instead.

Devastated but unwilling to give up, Liam chooses to take matters into his own hands—to get to Earth at any cost. But Earth is not like the simulations, and the simulated monsters didn’t prepare him for the real threats he will face.

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About the Author:

My name is Andy Gorman, and I am not just a human. I am also a machine that turns coffee and sunlight (and sometimes beer) into words. Okay, fine…mostly beer. In 2018, I published The Last Safe Place, a fun-filled and fast-paced sci-fi thriller that I spent over a year writing and much longer dreaming about. I wrote most of the novel while earning a Bachelor of Arts in English at UNLV—before school, between classes, and during boring lectures (i.e., most lectures). The world I was building interested me more than reality did, which made the characters come to life. I remember crying like a newborn baby when I had to kill one. The murder was worth it, though, because The Last Safe Place became a #1 Bestseller in four sci-fi categories.

Since graduation, I’ve focused my career on the written word. I try to work on my craft every morning—before my responsibilities as a luxury real estate copywriter and social media manager consume me. I probably spend too much time reading and soaking up the Las Vegas sun, but I’d rather be a tan writer than a prolific one. Still, I somehow managed to squeeze a second novel out of my brain; Life on Planet Earth was published in 2021. My English teacher from my freshman year of high school called it “a gripping, thoroughly enjoyable, deeply satisfying adventure!”

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