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Restoration Murder

Author: Lucy Branch

Genre: Mystery

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Book Description:

Art, Craft, Danger, Murder, Money …This is Restoration Murder

You know when you just need a bit of luck? That’s what I was desperate for the day I found the exquisite pocket watch. But I should have known that nothing that came my way would do so without trouble.

Its secrets began to be revealed as soon as restoration began. History can add value to an object, but an unsolved murder of a Jewish man and the disappearance of a Mastercraftsman, is not the kind of history you want.

While Rebecca’s fine restoration skills unpicked clues, the pursuit of truth and treasure was too much for me and I had to know more about its past. What part had the watch played in these lost lives? Might the fate of the former owners become our own? Or, could restoration mean redemption for more than just the watch?

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About the Author:

Lucy Branch’s fiction has been featured on Radio 4, Timeout London and The BBC World Service. She is an expert in the conservation of public sculpture and has worked on some of the UK’s highest profile projects including Nelson’s Column, Eros and Cleopatra’s Needle. She studied at University College London, The Royal College of Art and Victoria Albert Museum. Her knowledge and passion for the art world is poured into her fiction which she weaves together with myth, conspiracy theory and fantasy.

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