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Her Off-Limits Cowboy

Author: Christie Starr

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Book Description:

He promised himself he would never date a friend’s sister. But that’s exactly who his perfect woman is, and his affections are soon returned. Will Drew find the courage to break his own rule, or will he break Willow’s heart?

Drew is new at Sweet Mist Ranch, where folks love the land, the Lord, and family–just like him. His promotion to foreman has driven a wedge between him and his brother, which Drew aims to fix–he can’t handle a rift with another sibling. Drew’s sister is still furious with him after dating his philandering friend, Zac, and Drew has sworn he will never make the same mistake.

Willow grew up on the Ranch, but she left when her mom died last fall. Now, she’s finally found the courage to return home and throw her mom the party she asked for–a grand celebration of her life.

Drew and Willow are instantly drawn to each other from the very first time they meet. So, when Drew learns Willow is actually his best friend’s sister, his past family grievances threaten to extinguish the spark between them.

Can Willow help Drew to follow his heart, or will he remain enchained by the fear of past mistakes, breaking her heart in the process?

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About the Author:

Christie loves all things sweet romance. She spends hours every day with the folks at Sweet Mist Ranch (in her head) and couldn’t be happier about it. She gets a real kick from writing characters who lead inspirational lives. Christie dreams of roaming the countryside of Texas. She lives with her husband (part cowboy and part kid wrangler) and her kiddies. Plus a panoply of pets.

You can visit Christie’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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