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The Journey of the In-Between

Author: Kyra Coates

Genre: Women’s Fiction

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Book Description:

When faced with death, what eternal gift can one mother leave behind?

Told she has very little time to live, Maji desperately wants to leave her daughters with the wisdom of her greatest life lessons before she dies. She reflects on the identities she has held in the life she leaves behind: activist, nun, teacher, spiritualist, and mother. From her youthful attempts to save the world to her mind-opening spiritual enlightenment, Maji’s story is one that explores not only what constitutes a good life, but what happens in the eternal mystery of death. Illustrated with beautiful hand-painted images and steeped in Eastern philosophy, The Journey of the In-Between tells the story of a quest for self-realization, fulfillment, feminine power, and the eternal love of motherhood.

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About the Author:

Award-winning artist and author Kyra Coates studied at the Corcoran School of Art and the Maryland Institute, College of Art. She had her first publication in 2000 and began showing her art professionally in 2001. After a spiritual awakening in her twenties, Kyra became a Hindu nun devoted to a path of enlightenment. She went on to receive a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Naropa University, where she focused her studies on the psychology of enlightenment. When she left her robes behind, her professional focus returned to her art, writing, and non-profit work. Kyra has received numerous awards and grants for her creative work addressing both spirituality and women’s empowerment. She lives in Colorado with her partner and four children.

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