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The Pharaoh’s Stone

Author: Nick Hawkes

Genre: Thriller

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Book Description:

Upon his release from one of England’s most fearsome prisons, Peter wanders aimlessly down to London’s docks. Through an act of kindness, his life becomes entangled with that of a history professor, Alex, who is grieving the death of his brother in suspicious circumstances.

Investigations into the death lead them into the secret world of Freemasonry and its passion for collecting ancient Egyptian artefacts. Alex calls on Beth, an expert in Egyptian hieroglyphics, for her specialist help.

From London to Paris, New York, and the ancient temples of Egypt—the three of them band together to uncover the clues. As they get closer to solving the mystery of the murder, death stalks their every move. To survive, Peter must discover qualities about himself he never knew he possessed… and counter the audacious plot of a secretive organisation to grasp at international power.

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About the Author:

My passion for writing began with the clash of steel, with battles and acts of courage–stories read to me from King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table. Not even a mild dose of dyslexia was able to keep me from flights of imagination which would leak out as scribbled stories.

I was fortunate as a child to be taken to strange and exotic places that fuelled the imagination. My twin brother and I were carted off by parents to the harsh Australian outback where rockets were tested… and then to the Malayan tropics with its exotic culture, smells and the wonders of the jungle. From there, we journeyed to England where I was parked in a very old English boarding school. A love of the sea led to all sorts of adventures in boats–often very small ones sailing in places they had no right to be. All this was fuel a-plenty for a budding writer.

But I became a scientist and engaged in biological research. Again, I blame a sense of curiosity and an ability to say “wow!” Since then I have become a broadcaster, pastor, academic… and finally, a writer.

I am married and have two adult children – fabulous, of course… and have become a grandfather, which has further turned my mind.

I try and straighten it out by building furniture from Australian hardwoods–which is my hobby.

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