Your Unique Kindle Email Address

I realized I haven’t sent out a tip lately…here’s a question I receive every now and then regarding your unique Kindle email address:

I have a Kindle E-mail address, but where is it? How do I get to it?

You may already know, or maybe you don’t, each registered Kindle owner has their own unique email address, where you and others that you grant permission to beforehand can email material directly to your Kindle or Fire tablet. This could come in handy for sending Word documents, etc., from work for the “gotta read it” on the plane, but you can also use it as a method to transfer books to your Kindle.  Although I believe the “Send to Kindle” tool is easier to send things from your own computer, I would recommend the email option for friends and family to send things to your Kindle; you can see the instructions on using the “Send to Kindle” function if you click here.

One word of caution, however: unless you are using the WiFi application vs. the cellular option (for those older models that still have the cellular option), Amazon will charge the Kindle account holder for each document emailed; I am not putting the price in here as it has changed a few times over the years (and I have no idea what they are charging now as I primarily use the Send to Kindle Feature). While these charges may not seem like much they can add up over time.

If you do not know your unique email address, it’s easy to find out: log into you account, and click on the “Your Content and Devices” link located in the dropdown menu. Underneath the “Devices” section will list each of the Kindles, Fire tablets, Echo / Alexa dvices, etc., registered to your account.  If you click on the gray square icon to the left of a Kindle or Fire tablet name (it is gray with three small black dots on it), you can see more information about the device as well as the unique email address to send material to each particular Kindle. If you do not like the email address assigned to you, experiment with it and find one you do like – the Amazon server will let you know if that unique email address is available to use.

I mentioned earlier you can have others you grant permission in advance to send material to your Kindle; if you click the “Preferences” menu item at the top of the page, then scroll way down to the section titled “Approved Personal Document E-Mail List,” you will also see the pre-authorized email addresses allowed. I would exercise caution with who you put on there, or the next thing you know your spouse or significant other will use that as a tool to send you reminders of chores to do, errands to run, or other emails!

Hope that helps, and have a great rest of your week-



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