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The Bones Will Tell

Author: Vickie McKeehan

Genre: Thriller

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Book Description:

A serial killer has the city of Seattle gripped in fear. As his bloody total continues to mount, Skye Cree gets dragged into the mix by her longtime friend, homicide detective Harry Drummond. Desperate for leads Harry hopes Skye’s special gift for locating missing children might be the answer. When Skye brings in Josh Ander, together they’ll face the most cunning adversary they have yet to hunt. As weeks turn into months, as the number of victims continues to climb, Josh’s vivid dreams of the crime scenes are the only key to unlocking the mind of a killer. But can Skye and Josh turn the tables fast enough when the unstoppable killer decides to come after them? Especially when the best clue they have is the revelation that—the bones will tell.

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About the Author:

Vickie McKeehan’s novels have consistently appeared on Amazon’s Top 100 lists in Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense. She writes what she loves to read — heartwarming contemporary romance peppered with suspense. Because she can’t actually kidnap people or toss them over a bridge, she writes about compelling and down-to-earth characters that get to do those kinds of things. Her characters and settings will haunt you long after you finish her books.

She’s the author of twenty novels and numerous short stories with no plans to slow down.

She is a full-time author who makes her home in Southern California with her husband and her dog named Beau. She loves the beach and can often be found there with her toes in the sand, walking Beau.

You can visit Vickie’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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