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Codename Poltergeist

Author: William Joel

Genre: Fantasy

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Book Description:

The President of the United States, cabinet members, and the CIA covertly enter into an agreement with the Palestinians to remove certain key Israeli government figures in a plan to enable the United States to claim that they engineered peace in the Middle East and gain the favor of Arabic countries. Sentinel, a group of angelic-type beings who monitor the Earth, are very concerned that the United States could be igniting a major conflict if the Israelis learn of the plan and retaliate. The CIA tried to eliminate their most efficient and deadly agent, James Halyard, Codename Poltergeist, believing Halyard was a possible threat to their plans. They failed, but killed Halyard’s beloved wife, Karen, in the process. Sentinel rescues Halyard, heals him, and gives Halyard the option of becoming an agent for their purposes with highly augmented mental and physical abilities. Halyard truly becomes Poltergeist and is sent to unravel and thwart the conspiracy with the Palestinians.

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About the Author:

I was a U.S. Air Force veteran who served at the end of the Vietnam war. The Air Force found that I had a talent for languages, so they sent me to language school. I served as a linguist for a section of military intelligence and then spent several years at the National Security Agency (NSA). I was very interested in police work and later joined a state police. After some time in uniform, I was recruited to be a hostage/crisis negotiator and was trained by FBI hostage negotiators in criminal and abnormal psychology and in the techniques used to “talk down” a hostage taker or someone barricaded with the intent to commit suicide. It turned out that I had a natural talent for it and never lost anyone. I retired after getting an advanced degree in psychology and decided to use my talent to help others who suffer from mental illness and despair. I wrote my first novel in the mid-nineties but found I needed to learn more of how to express my creative imagination eloquently with descriptive and believable character depiction, dialogue, storyline, and background. I love the idea of providing readers with entertainment and an escape into a different realm of their imagination with my writing. I continue to enjoy reading immensely and my favorites are mystery, science fiction, and fantasy. Originally from the East Coast, I transplanted West. Maybe someday I’ll return to the East Coast area. I enjoy a close and loving family relationship my wife, my children, grandchildren and my siblings.

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