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Midlife Medicine Box Set

Author: Amorette Anderson

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $9.99
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Book Description:

Best. Midlife crisis. Ever.
When turning fifty brings a mind-bending magical awakening, Grace buckles up for the ride.

Grace Littleton is in a rut. She’s out of work, grumpy, and angry with her no-good ex. In short, she’s got a serious case of the ‘blahs’.

On her fiftieth b-day, she blows out the candles and makes a wish for change… which alters the course of her life from then on.

As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for!

Now there’s no more rut.
No more foul mood.
No more blahs.

Instead, Grace finds herself in a secret paranormal village in the midst of a murder case. The locals seem to think she’s the best person to solve it—even though she’s a trained nurse, not a detective. They’re either nuts, or they see something in her that she’s never acknowledged in herself.

She also has to get used to her new witchy neighbors, a telepathic connection with her dog, and the cursed bear on her tail… all while catching a killer.

It’s time for Grace to step into her own power—if she dares.

Five full-length novels in one binge-worthy collection:

Book #1: Post-op and Potions
Book #2: Surgery and Spells
Book #3: Broken Bones and Botany
Book #4: Clinics and Curses
Book #5 Forensics and Familiars

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