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Author: Christopher Hepworth

Genre: Thriller

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Book Description:

A deathbed confession. A neo-Nazi cult in Southern Africa. And a fight to save the last of the great elephants.

In 1908 teenager Hélène Sondheim witnesses the first genocide of the twentieth century in German South West Africa – an event that foreshadows the Nazi holocaust. As she flees from the land of her birth, she takes with her knowledge of the vanquished Makololo tribe’s priceless rare earth metal deposits and the extraordinary secrets of their ferocious war elephants.

In 2022, fragments of an unknown African metal are uncovered in a discarded WWII archive box. Negotiator Sam Jardine must win the race against his ruthless enemies to discover the source of the priceless metal that will dominate vehicle production for decades to come.

As supercentenarian Hélène Sondheim lies on her deathbed after an action-packed life in Zambia as a geologist and wildlife conservationist, she is poised to take her precious knowledge to the grave.

But as Jardine begins to coax the dying woman’s secrets from her, the WeisseBruderschaft, descendants of the Imperial German forces, are resolved to prevent her from speaking the truth about the 1908 genocide.

In the path of the Weisse Bruderschaft is a man determined to avenge one of Africa’s most heinous acts of injustice and the last herd of battle elephants, who have neither forgotten nor forgiven the German forces for the destruction of the once mighty Makololo Kingdom.

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About the Author:

Author Christopher Hepworth has been a professional negotiator for over thirty years, with some of the largest and best-known companies in the world. He has won numerous prestigious awards in his chosen profession of procurement and developed many of the strategies and techniques that are now widely used across the industry. He has spent half a lifetime working for an array of colourful captains of industry, some inspirational; others downright terrifying. He often wonders how these desk warriors would cope if they were confronted with real-life, world-threatening global emergencies rather than plotting their own narrow-minded corporate agendas. With the magic of fiction, Christopher Hepworth has created a wonderful set of characters he hopes will put the fear of God into his readers, adding to the list of threats already facing humanity.

Born in the UK in 1961 and raised in Zambia in central Africa like his hero, Wilbur Smith, Christopher Hepworth now lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife, Anne and four children. Much of the spare time he finds for writing comes while watching his children play representative cricket. It’s amazing how many sentences can be written in between the fall of wickets.

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