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A Brief History of Ukraine

Author: Dominic Haynes

Genre: Non-Fiction

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Book Description:

Do current political events make your head swim? Do you struggle to understand how Ukraine’s nationhood fits into the larger picture of history? Look no further than this brief but thorough exploration of Ukrainian history.

Ukraine is a geographically diverse country with the unfortunate fate of being sandwiched between empires. Though this is frequently explored no further than the global conflicts of the twentieth century, in reality, Ukraine’s struggle for self-determination has far deeper roots than most people realize.

See the splendor of the Kyivan Rus, gallop with the Golden Horde across the Ukrainian steppe, encounter the legendary Cossacks, and witness the terror of the tsars. From the Romans to the Mongols to the Russians, Ukraine has seen it all and remained uniquely Ukrainian through it all.

Within ‘A Brief History of Ukraine,’ you’ll find an exploration of how a singular people could be born out of so many crisscrossing empires, all vying for supremacy. Rather than being destroyed by the crucible that geography placed them in, the Ukrainian people became stronger, taking on different dimensions of each culture that came and went. Come discover the unique heritage of the Ukrainian people, and learn of their sorrows, struggles, and triumphs that have continued well into the present day.

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