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Shadows We Remain

Author: Mose J. Gingerich

Genre: Thriller

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Book Description:

Private investigator Bruce Ellsworth is familiar with the Amish. In his previous job as Sheriff in Castleton, Illinois, he was occasionally summoned to the nearby Amish community of Caroline Creek to solve a minor disagreement. But when an Amish family arrives at his office seeking help in finding their missing son, Bruce quickly finds himself caught up in a tangled web of FBI informants, Mafiosos, and secret societies that threaten to upend his whole world – and possibly get him killed.

At seventeen, Maria Reader is destined to follow in the footsteps expected of all Amish girls that came before—baptism, marriage and about a dozen children. Unfortunately, it is Maria’s brother Eli who has disappeared, which changes everything. Maria faces an impossible dilemma: forget about her brother, as her church elders demand, or do the unthinkable to try and save him herself?

Maria teams up with Bruce, and together they uncover a decades-old secret—Eli is not the first from Caroline Creek to disappear under mysterious circumstances. What’s even worse is that the criminals may be getting help from someone inside the community.

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About the Author:

Mose J Gingerich was born and raised in the Old Order Amish community of Greenwood, Wisconsin. During his 22 years among the Amish, Mose lived in over a dozen Amish communities, teaching school in several of them. Mose is best known for his roles on television shows like UPN’s Amish in the City, 2004, and Amish: Out of Order—National Geographic Channel, 2012. When Mose is not blogging on his website he might be found hunched over a laptop, meticulously punching away one key at a time (blame the lack of technology during his childhood).

You can visit Mose’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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