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Blood on the Stars Box Set

Author: Jay Allan

Genre: Science Fiction

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Book Description:

Michael’s note: I’ve read each book in this series, and think they are very good. If you like a realistic military-based science fiction novel I would recommend grabbing this one!

A Duel in the Deepest Dark of Space

Two ships, two crews, two veteran captains. An epic confrontation in the deepest reaches of the Rim. A last chance to prevent total war. Captain Tyler Barron and his aging battleship Dauntless have one chance to forestall invasion, and save billions from the ravages of total war.

Read the first three books of Jay Allan’s epic Blood on the Stars series, in one discounted volume.

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About the Author:

I’m a lifetime Northeasterner, and I currently live in New York City, where I write from my apartment…and continue to fill small notebooks with ideas for future books. I’ve been reading science fiction and fantasy for just about as long as I’ve been reading, so, of course, when I started to write, that’s where I ended up. It’s been a great ride so far!

My tastes as a reader are fairly varied and eclectic, but I’d say my favorites are military and dystopian science fiction, space opera, alternate history, and epic fantasy, usually a little bit gritty. I also read a lot of non-fiction, mostly history. I write a lot of science fiction with military themes, but also other SF and some fantasy as well. I like complex characters and lots of backstory and action. Honestly, I think world-building is the heart of science fiction and fantasy, and since that is what I’ve always been drawn to as a reader, that is what I write.

I’ve been an investor and real estate developer for a long time (mostly retired from it now), a fiction author more recently. When I’m not writing, I enjoy traveling, running, hiking, and reading.

You can visit Jay’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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