Free & Discounted Kindle Books for Friday

Here’s your listing of free and discounted Kindle book offers in a variety of genres for Friday: for those books listed as being free in this post – while the pricing of the free status is valid at the time of this posting, please make sure you check the pricing carefully before you press the “buy” button as it could revert back to paid status at any time!

The Contract

Author: William Coleman

Genre: Mystery

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $2.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

Once a decorated cop, Hawke has fallen from grace and has turned private investigator to make ends meet. His first case is a simple one: follow the woman, Maddie, and get pictures of her having an affair.

But nothing is that simple. Hawke is forced to intervene when the Maddie is almost kidnapped right in front of him. When it happens again, Hawke switches from stalker with a camera to bodyguard with a gun.

The lawyer who hired him is not satisfied with the outcome or that Hawke is looking into who is responsible for the abduction attempts. He threatens Hawke to get him to back down, something not in the investigator’s nature.

To protect Maddie, Hawke must take her along while following the few leads he has to identify who is responsible and why. The closer they get to the truth the more danger they find themselves in.

Will they find who is out to get Maddie before it’s too late?

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Wings of Earth

Author: Eric Michael Craig

Genre: Science Fiction

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $2.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

One hundred thousand colonists don’t simply vanish… No bodies. No evidence of an attack. Just gone.

Ethan Walker hauls cargo, and an occasional passenger or two. Cargo is easy but passengers, not so much. He’s trying to keep out of trouble and make the lease payments on a private freighter he hopes one day to own, but when he arrives at Starlight Colony with what should be a routine delivery, things take an unexpected turn.

Everyone in the colony is missing.

Trying to get some answers, Walker heads down to the hellish desert planet, knowing the company that owns his ship will expect him to just leave. What he discovers is an inexplicable mystery. No one is left behind, and there are no signs of where they went.

He is obligated to report the disappearance to FleetCom – the local law enforcement branch of the government – and when Captain McKenna tells him to stay put and not to return to the surface until they can arrive to begin an official investigation, he must obey her orders.

Since the only thing FleetCom and his leaseholder both agree on is that he cannot go back down to the colony, following his instructions should be easy.

Yet, frantic for answers about the colony, his passengers make a desperate play that leaves him no choice but to risk his ship and career to return to the surface.

Even though it will likely cost him everything.

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Hot Hex

Author: Aurora Grey

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $0.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

A brand-new witch. The dragon shifter who swore to destroy her coven. He’s the last person she should trust…

I find out my aunt’s been murdered a week after I divorce my cheating ex.

I’m the sole inheritor of her vast estate…and that means taking her place in the Raven Society, an international coven of witches. Which is pretty shocking considering I didn’t even know magic existed.

And my aunt was just the beginning… the witches are now being picked off one by one. Xander Cole, the gorgeous, brooding dragon shifter in town, seems to know something about the killings.

The problem is, he hates witches and vowed centuries ago to destroy my coven. He’s the last person I should trust, so why does fate seem to keep drawing us together? We’re supposed to be enemies, but the heat sizzling between us can’t be denied.

Is Xander my savior, or my downfall?

It’s not just my heart on the line… turns out I’m the killer’s next target.

Click here to pick up your free copy of Hot Hex in the Amazon Kindle store.

Slow Road to Love

Author: Juliette Duncan

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Free via Kindle Unlimited: No

Regular Price: $5.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

A divorced reporter on a remote assignment. An alluring cattleman who captures her heart…

City dwelling Maggie Donovan is trying her best to let go of her resentment after her high-profile politician husband of thirty-five years left her for a much younger woman. Her focus now is her job as a reporter for the Country Women’s Magazine, her two adult children, and her church.

She doesn’t care that her ex-husband now has a child who could be his grandchild.

No. It doesn’t worry her at all.

Frank Goddard has never considered moving on after his beautiful wife, Esther, was killed in a freak accident six years earlier. His family, who live with him on Goddard Downs, a cattle station in northern Australia, plus his faith, are what he lives for now.

But he’s lonely. He just doesn’t know it.

When Maggie is sent to the remote, mysterious Kimberley area to write about women living on isolated cattle stations, she jumps at the chance. A change is as good as a holiday, so they say.

Never did she expect to fall for the tall, handsome Frank Goddard of Goddard Downs.

But how can a relationship work when they live so far apart?

When the road is slow and dangerous.

When their lives are complicated.

And besides, how do you date when you’re going on sixty?

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Author: Larry A. Winters

Genre: Thriller

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $4.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

A power-hungry District Attorney seizes office, a beloved family friend is charged with murder, and prosecutor Jessie Black faces the toughest decision of her life.

For ten years, Jessie’s career as a prosecutor at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has given her a mission in life, enabled her to fight for victims and their families, and deeply fulfilled her. She cannot imagine doing anything else. But when a new DA replaces her boss in a shocking election victory, all of that changes in a heartbeat.

The new regime cares nothing about justice, only politics. The message is clear – Jessie can adapt to the office’s new priorities, or leave. Her dilemma intensifies when the DA targets a family friend who is close to Jessie’s heart. When she was a young child, Max Coleman was there for her family when Jessie’s mother passed away. Now Max has been accused of a horrific crime he did not commit, and it’s time for her to be there for him.

Max needs a defense attorney and Jessie needs a new mission. But after a decade as a prosecutor, can Jessie Black really cross over to the other side of the courtroom?

Click here to pick up your free copy of Conviction in the Amazon Kindle store.

Seeds of Chaos Omnibus

Author: Azalea Ellis

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $5.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

Injecting the blood of an alien god can give you amazing powers…
If you live.

They injected me with a VR chip, a GPS tracker, and my first Seed. They gave me unbelievable powers.

Then they sent me to fight.

The monsters here are alien and vicious. There is a second moon in the sky. I watched a tree start moving and kill someone. And the other Players…?

They’re even worse.

I’m alone. I’m weak. And I’m scared. But I will cling to life by the tips of my bloody fingernails.

Who is behind this twisted game? Where are they sending us? Is there anyone I can trust?

If I want to survive, I have to get stronger. But can I do it before the Game kills me?

Click here to pick up your copy of Seeds of Chaos Omnibus in the Amazon Kindle store.

The Happiness In Between

Author: Grace Greene

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $4.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

Sandra Hurst did all the right things growing up, but after she left home, no matter how hard she tried, stuff always went wrong, and now she has nowhere to go except to the old family homeplace in rural Cub Creek, Virginia to house sit and dog sit while her aunt goes on a trip.

When her aunt returns…then what? For now, at least, it’s a good place to hide from her almost ex-husband, Trent, for a few weeks. She has left him again for the second and final time, and needs some time to earn money for her support and for the divorce.

And knowing Trent, it won’t be that easy. He’ll be looking for her.

When Sandra finally arrives in Cub Creek, she discovers the old house is shabby, the garden is woefully overgrown, and her aunt’s beloved dog, Honey, is missing.

As Sandra settles into the old house that she hasn’t visited since she was a child—and never planned to return to—powerful secrets and hurtful memories are unearthed. But this may be her final chance to regain her self-respect, make peace with her family, and discover what she’s truly made of—if she will stand and fight for what she wants this time…instead of running again.

Click here to pick up your copy of The Happiness In Between in the Amazon Kindle store.

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