Informal Poll: What Are YOU Reading on Your Kindle?

For several years, I started or participated in a monthly poll on the USA Amazon Kindle discussion boards asking people a simple question: what are you reading on your Kindle? Unfortunately, the discussion boards on Amazon have gone away and I have periodically hosted something similar on our website.

Since the pandemic stay-at-home orders started what seemed a lifetime ago, I’ve been reading more than usual (and I read a lot!) and I have been slowly whittling down my digital to-be-read pile.

I’ve received some great tips with past polls, finding out what others are reading on their Kindle, and found some new authors I generally wouldn’t have found using my hunt-and-peck method. While I have certainly enjoyed the “mainstream” author suggestions over the years, I’ve also enjoyed a lot of independent authors from each poll I never would have heard of previously.

If you are reading this via our free email subscription, or the free reader app for your Fire tablet or Android device – or anywhere other than the blog’s website – and would like to check out the poll and find some new things or, better yet, tell others what you are reading, just click here, scroll down to the bottom of the post, and start typing away in the comments section!

Here’s how this works – on the FKBT website (using the link above) list a book you are currently reading or just recently read on your Kindle, whether you would recommend it, did you get it free, and anything else you would care to share.

As I type this up I am reading a thriller by J.W. Clay called Code of War.  It is a realistic thriller set in today’s environment about cyber warfare and a realistic engagement between the USA and China; to me, it is very realistic.  As I type this up I’m almost finished with it and will be grabbing the next installment of the series.  I’ve had this on my Kindle since last summer and just now got around to reading it – not sure what I was waiting on to start it – I got it for 99 cents (gasp, it wasn’t free!) and I have certainly received more than that in entertainment value.  If you like realistic thrillers, I would highly recommend giving this one a shot.

Finally, here’s my standard continuation of each request for prior participants in the poll: if you like or dislike a title you have read, in addition to telling us about it in this informal poll, how about writing a book review on the Amazon website? The review will certainly last and be visible a lot longer than this poll will. If you’re like me, you look at the customer reviews in order to see if you want to investigate a book further. Since we are all a little community here, and while I realize each review is each person’s opinion and we may not like the same thing, I know your friends and online discussion neighbors would appreciate your honest assessment of the likes and dislikes without providing a spoiler – I know I would!

Your reviews don’t need to be a long dissertation of the book, I like to keep them short, sweet, and hopefully to the point.  Some people think I am too blunt on things I dislike, but I am at least giving you my honest opinion!

We’d really like to hear what you’re reading right now – I, for example, may find something interesting from your list I want to read (It’s been known to happen!). If you are reading this on your Kindle – or anywhere other than the blog’s website – and would like to check out the poll and find some new things or, better yet, tell others what you are reading, just click here, scroll down to the bottom of the post, and start typing away in the comments section!

Anyway, that’s all for today. Have a great rest of your week!




20 Responses

  1. For bookclub we just read “Forever,” by Pete Hamill and I enjoyed it very much, 5 stars.
    It’s 600 pages tell the saga of a man who lived for 275 years in New York City 1741 to 2001.

  2. My first time for this, I am listening to a book: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Thoroughly enjoying the classic that I have read many times!

  3. I’ve just started Bruno Miller’s Cloverdale series and I will definitely read the whole series! I read a lot of EMP and Post Apocalyptic books and really enjoy them. I too am reading many more books now that we are confined to home more. Thank goodness for Michael and his website!!

  4. I’m reading The Tenor Wore Tap Shoes by Mark Schweizer–the third of his hilarious Liturgical Mysteries. The main character, a police officer and part-time church organist, bought Raymond Chandler’s typewriter. He hoped the typewriter would improve his own writing style. Lots of fun, with quirky characters and interesting mysteries.

  5. I’m reading The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli. To be more precise, I’m listening to it on audible. I’m afraid my eyes might glaze over if I just tried to read it. Benedict Cumberbatch does a great job with the reading. I’m ready to start Chapter 5 but I think I’ll listen through Chapter 4 again first. Each chapter builds on those before so I really try to make sure I understand each before going on to the next one. Cumberbatch’ reading is so accessible, it really helps to make the material understandable, although a big part of that I’m sure is also due to the author, since it is his words being spoken. Few physicists can present material such as this in a way that the average public (undergraduate degree in mathematics, in my case, no more) can grasp the principles he is explaining. I’m really enjoying it although it’s going to take me lot longer than to get through than the mysteries and police procedurals I usually read. Not sure what prompted me to pick this up, but so glad I did!

  6. I am currently reading Owlsight by Mercedes Lackey. I started last year reading through all the Valdemar books, and the Owl series is the last one. From there I’m thinking of going on to Anne Mccaffrey’s Pern series of books.
    In between I read horror novels.

  7. I am a perpetual student and the semester started this past Monday. I am reading Research Synthesis and Meta-Analysis: a step by step approach.

  8. I’m currently reading “Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery”. Since it’s a boxed set of 12 books by Susan Harper, I can read a book or two and when I get tired of the cruise stories, I switch to an Amish romance or a cowboy story, then switch back to “Caribbean Cruise.” I got them all for FREE thanks to the Free Kindle Books and Tips newsletter!

  9. I’m currently reading “The Water Dancer” by Ta-Nehisi Coates and “The Last Airship” by Christopher Cartwright.

  10. Currently about to finish “The Last Letter” by Kathleen Shoop. I’m reading them out of order because I got Book #3 “The Kitchen Mistress” for free. There are 4 total books in The Letter Series. The books are a unique period piece set in the early 1900s. Each of the books have a similar but different setting. Book 1 is a mix of current and past, Book 3 was seemingly set in the present until you know it’s book 3. If you enjoy books that mix up past & present this is a good series. I have so many wonderful books from here, I rarely pay more than $1.99 but I purchased #1 & #2 at regular price. We’ll see how it goes before I buy #4.

  11. I tend to read horror and thrillers. The horror stories and about ghosts. Darcy Coates is one of my favorite authors for that.
    The thrillers I read tend to be psychological thrillers. Many authors write in that category. One of my favorites is D.V. Berkom’s Leine Basso series.

  12. Reading “ An Extravagant Death” by Charles Finch, the most recent in the Charles Lenox mystery series.

  13. I am currently reading Ryan Schow’s The Complete Last War Series, a post-apocalyptic series. It is hard to put down! To make it even better, it was free!

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