Featured Kindle Book for Monday

Leaf of Faith

Author: Lisa Bouchard

Genre: Cozy Paranormal Mystery

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $2.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

When she found the dead body…
… it ruined her day.

Would they now try to ruin her life?

Isabella Proctor is desperate for a normal life – her own apartment, a job that pays the bills, and maybe even a boyfriend. As a potion-witch-in-training, she’s learning to use her talents to help others.

When she finds her boss dead behind the potion shop, her life is turned upside down.

Will she be the killer’s next victim?

Things get worse when Detective Palmer starts treating her like she’s the prime suspect. Her life won’t get back on track until she clears her name by finding the real killer.

When the killer strikes again, even closer to home, will Isabella catch them before it’s too late?

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About the Author:

It all started when she learned to read at five. One of her first and favorite memories is of words taped to all the objects in the house. Not long after that, books became the best thing ever and there was no turning back.

She suffered a crisis of confidence in High School and College and decided writing was too difficult, so she earned a degree in Chemistry instead. Three career changes and four children later, she’s back to writing and much happier for it.

Now she works from her home office in New Hampshire amid the books, kids, and occasional pets.

You can visit Lisa’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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