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Merry Christmas!

I will explain the title of this post in just a moment, but I wanted to just say a quick thank you to each of you for your support over the years for continuing to make this a successful blog and website – what started off as something really small 13+ years ago continues to amaze me at the size it is now and it is still running!

Now, about the title of the post – as I type this up in advance, there are over 65,000 books being offered for free in the Amazon USA Kindle store: that is more than you and I can read in our lifetimes. I’ve created links to all of the various categories (mysteries, romance, etc.) you can click to be taken right to the genre you are most interested in so you don’t have to wade through everything. You can get those links – for free, of course – by downloading the book that started it all for me. Various editions have been downloaded over 1 million times, and I’d like nothing more than to have it downloaded a few more thousand times today.

I’ve set it up for free for the next three days, and you can grab it if you click here. I’ve also setup my other Kindle “how to” books for free. If you click on the link above, just click on my name to be taken to my Amazon author page and grab those for free while you can.

As we wind up 2021, and what a year it has been, I hope everyone has a successful and safe 2022!

Michael Gallagher


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      1. Thank you so much Michael. The link you sent worked . I did not expect an answer on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas and thank you for filling my kindle over the yesrs I have been receiving your emails. You are so correct, my library now has more books than I probably will read but one can never tell.

  1. I got your “Free Kindle Books & How to Find Them Kindle Edition” back in 2019. It seems the one you gave a link to in your recent email (25 Dec 2021) has not been updated for a few years. Or, the title is the same but Amazon will not let me get it because it has the same title and tells me I have the ebook already. Still, thank you for all the good listings in your emails for some of the best free stuff around.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. Delete your existing book through the Amazon.com website Manage Content and Devices. I had both the 2019 and the 2014 versions of the book. I deleted both and then downloaded the 2021 version.

  2. I downloaded this book in 2016, 6/30/16 in particular. I don’t seem to get past that notice to view the list.
    Thanks for the email lists. I have a couple of thousand books in my library started with your offerings.
    Thanks again,

  3. Michael, I bought this book on Amazon several years ago. I didn’t get much out of it then and if it’s the same book I don’t know how it will have a list of 65,000+ free book links that are good for this year or 2022.
    Can you please explain this to me and the other people in the same situation.
    Have a happy New Year.

    1. Hi-

      This is the same book, but please note the books are not contained within this book – if you follow the included links in the book, you wll see the thousands of books available for free from Amazon by genre. If you ollow the links to the third-party websites contained in the book, you will see literal millions of free Kindle books.

      Hope that helps!

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