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Ci Pwff The Samoyed Wonders

Author: Skye Linden

Genre: Children

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Book Description:

Where can floating, poofy dog hair go? Ci Pwff the Samoyed is sure it goes everywhere! From the backyard to outerspace and everywhere in-between, join Ci Pwff as he uses his imagination to follow the whimsical journey of his dog fur. Everyone joins the fun as the Samoyed fur hits the beach to hang ten with a surfer, then dives deep to visit mermaids. From there, it’s off to… where? Where does the hair go?

Written and illustrated by Skye Linden, this book features real life Samoyed Ci Pwff in the first of the Where Does My Hair Go? series. Families living with Samoyeds and long haired dogs will easily relate to the floating puffs of fur, and people with short haired companions can appreciate them even more.

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About the Author:

Ci Pwff lives with Skye in Pensacola, Florida, and supervises and approves all content. Skye has a multiple degrees in Education, including Elementary Education, and loved doing her student teaching in Australia! Her illustrations have appeared in national magazines and she specializes in wildlife and animals.

You can visit Skye’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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