Free & Discounted Kindle Books for Wednesday

Here’s your listing of free and discounted Kindle book offers in a variety of genres for Wednesday: for those books listed as being free in this post – while the pricing of the free status is valid at the time of this posting, please make sure you check the pricing carefully before you press the “buy” button as it could revert back to paid status at any time!

Cranberry Bluff

Author: Deborah Garner

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $2.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

Molly Elliott’s quiet life in Tallahassee, Florida, is disrupted when routine errands land her in the wrong place at the wrong time: the middle of a bank robbery. Accused and cleared of the crime, she flees both media attention and mysterious, threatening notes, to move across the country to Cranberry Cove, where she has inherited her Aunt Maggie’s bed and breakfast on the Northern California coast. Her new beginning is peaceful – that is, until five guests show up at the inn for a weekend, each with a hidden agenda.

Mix together one blushing honeymoon couple, one flamboyant boutique owner, a deadpan traveling salesman, and a charmingly handsome novelist, and there’s more than scones cooking at Cranberry Cottage Bed and Breakfast. As true motives become apparent, will Molly’s past come back to haunt her or will she finally be able to leave it behind?

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Shattered Love

Author: Bianca Borell

Genre: Romance

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $0.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

Two heirs, one life-changing event, an epic love story. Bria du Mont and Damien du Sky have been in love for as long as they can remember. Until one event changed everything. Seven years later, Bria and Damien’s past still haunts them. Forced into working together at their combined family’s multibillion-dollar company, they realize they have never truly let go. When they begin to unravel the truth behind the events that led to their break-up, they uncover a betrayal that will threaten everything they thought they knew and turn their world upside down. Torn apart by deception, will their love find a way to reunite them?

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The Secret Keepers

Author: Jean Nicole Rivers

Genre: Thriller

Free via Kindle Unlimited: No

Regular Price: $1.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

It’s midnight when Regina Dean she receives a harrowing phone call. On the other end of the line a scratchy voice whispers, “They found her, Regina…they found her.” Over the phone Regina learns that the corpse of her best friend, Lola Rusher, has been found and she must return to her, Godforsaken, hometown of Black Water for the funeral of the beloved girl who disappeared when they were both only sixteen years old.

Regina returns to Black Water and is reunited with a cast of old friends. Soon Regina realizes that the details revealed with the discovery of Lola’s corpse do not make sense, especially the fact that Lola’s body was dug up on the land of their childhood piano teacher.

Determined to lay Lola to rest, Regina launches her own investigation, but someone in Black Water warns Regina to STOP DIGGING. She is thrown into a race to solve the mystery before she loses her mind or meets Lola’s fate.

Though Regina’s hometown is a fun house of disturbing characters and distorted images, the truth about what happened to Lola Rusher will be revealed along with a most unexpected and perverse secret that threatens to expose everyone in Black Water.

Everyone knows something, but no one knows everything…

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Never Forgotten

Author: Kelly Risser

Genre: Young Adult

Free via Kindle Unlimited: No

Regular Price: $4.99
Today’s Price: FREE!

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Book Description:

In this coming of age story, Meara Quinn is about to find out there are worse things than moving to a tiny oceanside town before her senior year. Like discovering there’s a secret being kept from her and knowing it’s a life-changer.

After experiencing vivid visions of her absentee father, Meara decides she deserves answers. With the help of her new friend Evan, a guy she happens to be falling for, she embarks on a journey in the hopes of unlocking family history and finding her true self. But when she meets a handsome stranger at a local club who knows far more about her than he should, her world is again shaken. In him, Meara may have uncovered the key to the very secret that will reveal not only who she is… but what she is.

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Dark Gate Angels Complete Series Omnibus

Author: Ramy Vance and Michael Anderle

Genre: Fantasy

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $9.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

Meet the Dark Gate Angels! Just be sure you don’t tick them off, or you might lose your head!

A battle-elf, gladiator and super genius walk into a bar… Actually, there’s no punch line.

But you can guarantee someone’s getting decapitated.

Anabella is a supermodel with a secret. She’s really an elf. And she’s bored, bored, bored. Born and bred as a warrior, Anabella wants nothing more than to trade her tiara for a dagger and a gun.

Careful what you wish for…

When orcs invade Earth, will Anabella have her chance?

Abby is a robotics engineer and certifiable genius (as well as simply certifiable). When Abby’s father is killed by the orcs, she plans on using her intellect to avenge him.

Terra is the toughest person in Kansas. Too bad she’s not in Kansas anymore. She was kidnapped by orcs to fight in their sick and twisted battle games.

Both Abby and Terra want revenge in the form of gloopy, green orc blood. Will the blood be green, or red?

Alone, none of them stand a chance. But together they just might be enough to bring evil to its knees.

These three warriors didn’t start the war…but you can be damn sure they’re going to try to finish it. Will they succeed?

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Coastal Caper

Author: Don Rich

Genre: Mystery

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $4.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

Casey Shaw is looking to buy a waterfront property in Cape Charles. Things are looking swell…until a dead body shows up. And Casey is the #1 suspect.

As Casey and the Mallard Cove gang race to find the real killer, they uncover a devious plot to use the property as a front for the mob. And the closer they get, the deadlier the threat becomes.

Can Casey and his friends expose the real killer? Or will they become his next victim?

Click here to pick up your copy of Coastal Caper in the Amazon Kindle store.

Dear Santa, I Really Tried

Author: Various

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Free via Kindle Unlimited: No

Regular Price: $7.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

7 New York Times, USA Today, and bestselling authors have teamed up to bring you this yummy collection full of romance, joy, and Christmas miracles. Dig into this delicious Christmas set and satisfy all your cravings!

Nice – Sweet read for a wholesome Christmas tale
Naughty – For those of us who enjoy the hotter reading for a passionate Christmas
I really tried – All delicious variations of steam and just what you need to make your holidays bright… and romantic!

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Kathryn Shay: Home For Christmas “I really tried”
When Jacob Steele returns home after fifteen years to claim the inheritance from the father who betrayed him, he discovers he has to remain in Riverbend for a month working in the family bookstore. Otherwise, his inheritance goes to Kate McMann. Little does he know that she and her twin daughters will forever change both his plans and his life.

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Lisa Mondello: All I Want For Christmas is You “I really tried”
Santa Claus is going to have a rough season… Lauren Alexander is raising her daughter alone. Abandoned by her family for her decision to keep her daughter Kristen, she has done a pretty good job for the last six years. Or she thought she had. That’s why she is crushed when little Kristen gives up her wish for a toy or goodie and instead asks Santa for a present for her mother. She wants Santa to bring a Daddy.

USA Today Bestselling Author Patricia McLinn: Wyoming Wildflowers: The Beginning “Naughty”
Ed Currick’s and Donna Roberts’ worlds couldn’t have been any more different – a rancher from Wyoming and an up-and-coming Broadway musical actress on a national tour. What could have been a momentary encounter sparks desire . . . and more. But can there be anything but heartbreak ahead when they have only days before their dreams pull them apart?

USA Today Bestselling Author Barbara McMahon: A Soldier’s Christmas “Nice”
After a year’s deployment, soldier Josh Marquette is back in the US. His first assignment stateside–best man in a Christmas wedding. More importantly, he’s going to get his dog who was fostered while he was gone. Only one problem: Cassie’s fallen in love with the big German Shepard. What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love with the dog’s owner, too.

Bestselling Author Chantel Rhondeau: Loving Lucy “I really tried”
Issued a bet at work, a shy but handsome single dad is determined to sleep with Lucy, a woman he’s loved in secret for years. His son’s Christmas list only includes an Xbox and a mom. Lucy accepted a bet too—no sex or men for a year!

Up and Coming KT Pek: Obsessed With You “Naughty”
Jaxon has me shaking, throbbing, reeling from his incredible lovemaking. So what should I do this Christmas when my ex shows up, offering the life I’ve always wanted? How do I choose between the man I might still love and the one who sets my soul on fire?

USA Today Bestselling Author Day Leclaire: A Tylerville Christmas “Nice”
Can the magical town of Tylerville manage not just one Christmas miracle, but two? When a childless couple finds a baby on their doorstep and three orphans are without a home for the holidays, only the loving intervention of the residents of Tylerville can find a happy ending to this story!

Click here to pick up your copy of Dear Santa, I Really Tried in the Amazon Kindle store.

The Philosophical Detective

Author: Bruce Hartman

Genre: Mystery

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Regular Price: $3.99
Today’s Price: $0.99

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Book Description:

Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1967. Nick Martin has just started graduate school when he’s dragooned into serving as the driver, guide and confidant of a blind poet by the name of Jorge Luis Borges. Together they must address an extraordinary series of crimes and the equally baffling conundrums of literature and philosophy, including Zeno’s paradoxes, the mind/body problem, and the mysteries of destiny, personal identity and artistic creation. Nick plays the parts of Watson, Sancho Panza, Dante and Stephen Daedalus, and before the story ends he hears the last tale of Scheherazade and finds the love of his life. Forty-five years later, struggling with pain and grief, he looks back with wonder at the magical year when he wandered into the labyrinth and took his first steps to self-understanding.

Lighthearted but deeply serious, The Philosophical Detective is a unique journey into the visionary world of a genius.

Click here to pick up your copy of The Philosophical Detective in the Amazon Kindle store.

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