Informal Poll: What Are YOU Reading on Your Kindle?

For several years, I started or participated in a monthly poll on the USA Amazon Kindle discussion boards asking people a simple question: what are you reading on your Kindle? Unfortunately, the discussion boards on Amazon have gone away and I have periodically hosted something similar on our website.

Since the pandemic stay-at-home orders started over a year ago, I’ve been reading more than usual (and I read a lot!) and I have been slowly whittling down my digital to-be-read pile.

I’ve received some great tips with past polls, finding out what others are reading on their Kindle, and found some “new” authors I generally wouldn’t have found using my hunt-and-peck method. While I have certainly enjoyed the “mainstream” author suggestions over the years, I’ve also enjoyed a lot of independent authors from each month’s poll I never would have heard of previously.

If you are reading this on the blog’s free email subscription, the blog’s free reader app for your Fire tablet or Android device – or anywhere other than the blog’s website – and would like to check out the poll and find some new things or, better yet, tell others what you are reading, just click here, scroll down to the bottom of the post, and start typing away in the comments section!

Here’s how this works – on the blog’s website (using the link above) list a book you are currently reading or just recently read on your Kindle, whether you would recommend it, did you get it free, and anything else you would care to share.

As I type this up I am reading a thriller by James Rosone & Miranda Watson called Monroe Doctrine: Volume I.  It is a realistic thriller set in the near future about the start of World War III, where China starts a world war using artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art military equipment.  As I type this up, I’m almost finished with it – and have enjoyed it so much I have the next two books in the series already on my Kindle (they are included with my Kindle Unlimited subscription).  It is very realistic and refreshing as it’s not jus another series where the USA and its allies win every time: as a matter of fact, they get their collective butts kicked, hard.  If you enjoy fast-paced military thrillers I would recommend giving this one a try.

Finally, here’s my standard continuation of each request for prior participants in the poll: if you like or dislike a title you have read, in addition to telling us about it in this informal poll, how about writing a book review on the Amazon website? The review will certainly last and be visible a lot longer than this poll will. If you’re like me, you look at the customer reviews in order to see if you want to investigate a book further. Since we are all a little community here, and while I realize each review is each person’s opinion and we may not like the same thing, I know your friends and online discussion neighbors would appreciate your honest assessment of the likes and dislikes without providing a spoiler – I know I would!

Your reviews don’t need to be a long dissertation of the book, I like to keep them short, sweet, and hopefully to the point (some people think I am too blunt on things I dislike, but I am at least giving you my honest opinion!).

We’d really like to hear what you’re reading right now – I, for example, may find something interesting from your list I want to read (It’s been known to happen!). If you are reading this on your Kindle – or anywhere other than the blog’s website – and would like to check out the poll and find some new things or, better yet, tell others what you are reading, just click here, scroll down to the bottom of the post, and start typing away in the comments section!

Anyway, that’s all for today. Have a great rest of your week!



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  1. I greatly enjoyed reading Take What You Can Carry by Gian Sardar. I got it from my library and read it on my Kindle. It’s a contemporary novel that takes readers inside the complex beauty and sorrow of modern-day Kurdistan.

  2. I’ve just finished Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty. My book club is reading it this month. I love a book that is a little different from the regular murder mystery. And, the movie is on HULU which I have not seen yet.

  3. Just finished The Only Way Home by Jeanette Minniti last night. I was ok. A decent read, seemed to lack direction. Good characters so I kept reading.

    Before that it was It Happened in Silence by Karla Jay which I highly recommend if you like historical fiction. Very good and eye opening read!

    After just finishing several set in the early 1920s, I want something different so I’m starting Famously Lost by Scott Norton Taylor. I don’t usually do modern romances but I’ll give it a try.

  4. I always pick up a Kindle Unlimited subscription in the fall of the year, so for the next three months I’ll be focusing on KU books before I drop the subscription again, reading later books in series I’ve read during previous KU outings. I just finished Epitaph by Anita Waller (older sleuths) and Over Your Shoulder by CJ Carver (nice twisty plot) and enjoyed both. I’m currently enjoying Death in the Woods by Bernie Steadman, and when I finish I’m moving on toward a couple of later books in series by Jeanne M Dams’s Dorothy Martin series (love it) and Clare Chase’s Eve Mallow series in the near term.

  5. Just started the series “Chaos in the Blink of an Eye” a Christian fiction about the Tribulation. It has been incredibly good, based on scripture. It’s exciting, great characters and very thought-provoking. There are currently 6 books in the series, will have 12 when completed.

    I picked this series because I loved the author (Patrick Higgins) book “I never Knew You” so much!

  6. Stilton Slaughter Albert Smith’s Culinary capers.. Fun read. Detecting from the Police dog’s point of view. If you haven’t read a Steve Higgs book, you should.

  7. I am getting ready to read “A Runaway Teenager Who Found Freedom” by Quyen T. Ha. This is about a 14 year old boy who escapes communist regime in Viet Nam to America. When I finish this book, I am going to read “Harlem Shuffle” by Colson Whitehead. Harlem Shuffle’s ingenious story plays out in a beautifully recreated New York City of the early 1960s. It’s a family saga masquerading as a crime novel, a hilarious morality play, a social novel about race and power, and ultimately a love letter to Harlem.

  8. I read Amish romance mainly but also read railroad orphan stories and mail order bride ( Christian).

  9. I’m re-reading in chronological order all Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar series on one of my readers and also reading Planet Dead series on another. I’m sure most people have heard of Mercedes Lackey, so about Planet Dead, it’s a relatively new zombie apocalypse series, set in the United States. So far it’s pretty good.

  10. I am currently reading the third book in the “Atlantis Grail” series by Vera Nazarian. The books are extremely well written, very vivid imagery, and are reminiscent of a futuristic Hunger Games. The first book, “Qualify“, was so well written, I purchased the rest of the books in the series.

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