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Dangerous Games

Author: Blair Howard

Genre: Thriller

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Book Description:

It began with a kidnapping, a murder and a phone call.

Albert Westwood, aka Nero, former British special forces sniper extraordinaire and ex-mercenary, just wants to live a normal life. Be left alone. The problem is he’s a wanted man. A Queen’s pardon for one more job could be just what he needs. But the job is deadly. He has to find and stop the current leader of a deep state organization known as the Peacemakers, whose goal is to bring about world peace even if it means destroying it in the process.

Cassandra “Casey” Wu, ex-CIA and current assassin for hire, has never been this angry. She’s been forced into her current assignment: a job she doesn’t want to complete. But two lives are depending on her success. Her new boss, a vicious predator will stop at nothing, including the murder of innocent lives, to achieve his goal. He’s also the man Westwood is sworn to destroy.

Wu and Westwood find themselves once again on opposite sides in a dangerous game. Under any other circumstances, they’d be trying to kill each other, but this time it’s personal. Can Westwood and Wu stop the Peacemaker before he achieves his goal?

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About the Author:

Blair Howard is a retired journalist turned novelist. He’s the author of more than 40 novels including the international best-selling Harry Starke series of crime stories, the Lt. Kate Gazzara series, and the Harry Starke Genesis series. He’s also the author of the Peacemaker series of international thrillers and five Civil War/Western novels.

You can visit Blair’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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