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Cry from the Grave

Author: Carolyn Mahony

Genre: Mystery / Thriller

Free via Kindle Unlimited: Yes

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Book Description:

A missing child. A mother’s guilt. Who has secrets to hide?

A fast-paced crime thriller full of twists and turns, with suspense building all the way to the final page.

All Hannah Walker wants is a normal life. But crushing guilt and the memories of that terrible day her daughter was abducted, are making it impossible.

Then one afternoon, she gets a phone call from the police that tips her fragile world upside down. A discovery in a local garden could be connected to her daughter’s disappearance. It brings it all rushing back. The guilt, the panic, the unanswered questions.

For DCI Murray and DS Harry Briscombe, it’s a cold case that has suddenly got red hot, and with all the media interest surrounding it, they know they need to get answers fast. But as they start to dig deeper, it becomes obvious that there is more than one secret waiting to be revealed.

And secrets, once exposed, can have tragic consequences.

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About the Author:

Carolyn Mahony lives near Cambridge in the UK and prior to being an author was a Medical PA in a hospital. She has scribbled all her life and finally realised her dream of becoming a writer with the publication of her first novel in the Harry Briscombe series, Cry From The Grave.

You can visit Carolyn’s Amazon author page if you click here.

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