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The Darwin Project

Author: John Hindmarsh

Genre: Science Fiction

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Book Description:

Michael’s note: I’ve read this one as well as each book in this series – it’s pretty darn good, and I recommend you give it a try!


Darwin – Demon or Friend, the Beginning or the End?

That’s Toby’s enigma. When he inherits his uncle’s corporate empire, he discovers it’s controlled by two superintelligences.

Darwin wants to prove he’s more intelligent than humans. For Bronwyn—the other SI—there’s no mystery: she already knows the answer.

The corporate empire is based on robotics—it’s the world’s largest manufacturers of processors, software, and templates for robots. Bots are taking over mundane jobs. They’re intelligent, perhaps too intelligent. Terrorist groups—led by brownshirts—are furthering social unrest.

What is the mystery of his uncle’s disappearance?

Toby’s friends are assaulted.

A brownshirt group plans to kill him.

His girlfriend is kidnapped.

Will Artificial Intelligence be the end of Humanity?

The fuse is lit for an exciting thriller.

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About the Author:

John Hindmarsh was born in 1785. From Wikipedia – Rear-Admiral Sir John Hindmarsh RN (1785 – 1860) was a naval officer and the first Governor of South Australia, from December 1836 to July 1838.

During the Battle of the Nile on 1 August 1798, the fire on board the French line-of-battle ship l’Orient put the Bellerophon (1786) in danger; all the other officers on the quarterdeck on the Bellerophon were killed or wounded, so 13-year-old Midshipman John Hindmarsh gathered some of the crew, cut the anchor cables, and raised a spritsail to get the ship moving.

You realize I write fiction? The above is all true – except I’m a different John Hindmarsh.

Yes, I write science fiction and thrillers, sometimes with crossover. Well, you need a thrill in your SF and an occasional touch of science in your thrillers. I’m Australian, and now live in Southern California, where I’m writing full time. I could be simply relaxing when I’m not writing.

My books generally are written with an American voice [well, I try], although I prefer to write British English. So I get mixed up – in any event, I claim aluminium is the correct word.

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