40,000+ Free Kindle Books

No, the title of this post was not a typographical error….

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At any point in time, Amazon has between 25,000 – 50,000+ books for free in the Kindle store, with free meaning not only do they not cost you anything, but Amazon will also deliver them to your Kindle, Fire Tablet, or kindle reading app for free.  If you click the links below, you will be directed to the appropriate category of free books.  For example, if you click http://amzn.to/kindlemystery your browser will open to the free Kindle book offers in the “Mystery” category: over 3,000 of them.  You may want to bookmark this page or the links below as the free book offers are updated several times each day.

As I set this post up on Sunday night for publication early Monday morning, there are over 40,000 free Kindle books that are not in the public domain for you to download and I hope you will find it useful.

Just click any (or all) of the links below and start downloading your free Kindle books!  One thing to point out – the books come off free status at any time, so please check the price carefully before you click the “buy” button.  Once you get to a particular category page, I would recommend sorting the list (see the right-hand corner of the Amazon page) by “Price: Low to High” as the Amazon ranking / pricing tool updates each hour.

All Non-Public Domain Free bookshttp://amzn.to/bookload



Arts & Entertainmenthttp://amzn.to/kindlearts or http://amzn.to/kindleentertainment

Biographies & Memoirshttp://amzn.to/kindlebios or http://amzn.to/kindlememoirs

Business & Investinghttp://amzn.to/kindlebusiness or http://amzn.to/kindleinvest

Childrenhttp://amzn.to/kindlekids or http://amzn.to/kindlechildren

Classic / Public Domain Bookshttp://amzn.to/kindleclassic or http://amzn.to/kindleclassicbooks

Comics & Graphic Novelshttp://amzn.to/kindlecomics or http://amzn.to/kindlegraphic

Computers & Internethttp://amzn.to/kindlecpu or http://amzn.to/kindlecomputer or http://amzn.to/kindleinternet

Cooking, Food, & Winehttp://amzn.to/kindlecooking or http://amzn.to/kindlecook or http://amzn.to/kindlefood or http://amzn.to/kindlewine or http://amzn.to/kindlevino



Humorhttp://amzn.to/kindlehumor or http://amzn.to/kindlejokes

Lifestyle & Homehttp://amzn.to/kindlelifestyle or http://amzn.to/kindlehome

Literary Fictionhttp://amzn.to/kinleliteraryfiction or http://amzn.to/kindlelitfiction

Mystery & Thrillershttp://amzn.to/kindlemystery or http://amzn.to/kindlethriller

Parenting & Familieshttp://amzn.to/kindleparenting or http://amzn.to/kindleparents or http://amzn.to/kindlefamilies

Politics & Current Eventshttp://amzn.to/kindlepolitics or http://amzn.to/kindlecurrentevents

Referencehttp://amzn.to/kindlereference or http://amzn.to/kindleref

Religion & Spiritualityhttp://amzn.to/kindlereligion or http://amzn.to/kindespirituality



Science Fictionhttp://amzn.to/kindlescifi or http://amzn.to/kindlesciencefiction



Have fun!



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